Electronic Manufacturing

Key Industry Expertise

  • Pick and Place
  • Stencil Cutting
  • PCB Assembly
  • Axis Calibration
  • Multidimensional Error Mapping
  • All-Digital Drives
  • Advanced Diagnostics
  • High Speed/Throughput Applications

Speed + Accuracy + Reliability = Throughput

Speed, accuracy and reliability are the key requirements for pick and place machines, stencil cutting machines, printed circuit board assembly and other electronic manufacturing and electronic assembly equipment. For over 40 years Aerotech has met or exceeded the most stringent criteria used to judge electronic manufacturing and electronic assembly equipment, and we continue to raise the standard with our advanced motion technologies by addressing industry-specific challenges in pick-and-place machines, stencil cutting machines and printed circuit board assembly systems. From high-performance components to electro-mechanical subsystems to fully integrated electronic assembly machines, Aerotech has a solution to meet your needs. If we don't have an off-the-shelf product that meets your requirements, we can build a custom solution perfectly engineered and manufactured to your exact specifications and performance objectives.

Gold Standard Gantries

Aerotech gantry systems use our own brushless linear servomotors to manufacture our gold standard gantries. These industrial robots are available in models from low-cost modular linear actuators assembled in a gantry configuration with matching motion controllers and drives, to sophisticated gantry models with the largest travel, highest speed and highest acceleration available. Aerotech has the experience in brushless linear motor design, motion controllers and drives that permit us to offer a complete gantry solution that perfectly fits your gantry application.

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ESD Protection

Easy to Use, Powerful Software

Aerotech's latest motion controllers focus on ease of use for the programmer, shorten development time compared with other tools and provide the flexibility to use the tools or controller most familiar to programmers. A complete Integrated Development Environment and a comprehensive .NET motion library provide classes for motion, I/O, status and diagnostic information. Program in Visual Studio and use the .NET library, or use the Motion Composer (IDE) to develop code with English-style commands or G code. A LabVIEW® VI library is available for NI users, while a complete C library is available for those using VB6, C++, or C.