Test & Inspection

Key Industry Expertise

  • Sensor Testing
  • Multi-Axis Motion Simulation
  • Surface Profiling
  • Optics Inspection
  • Microscopy Applications
  • Vibration & Model Analysis
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • X-Ray and CT Inspection

Testing…1, 2, 3

Aerotech is involved in test and inspection across a wide array of industries with applications including CMMs, ultrasonic, eddy current, x-ray, optical and electronic. All of these applications rely on Aerotech's unmatched precision, accuracy and durability.

Track Record of Success

We have developed many inspection solutions, and we apply our expertise to provide a solid, high-performance foundation for the test/inspection elements. Systems range from high-end linear-motor-driven systems packaged with all control elements in an optimized machine base, to modular systems specifically designed for cost-sensitive applications. Z- and theta-axes can be equipped with your choice of application-specific hardware such as machine vision, pick-and-place mechanics or transducers. In addition, we offer components for those who would prefer to build or update their own systems. From our linear, rotary, lift and goniometric stages, to our advanced motion controllers, to our PWM and linear drives, to our brush and brushless servomotors, we have a component that will perfectly complement your test and inspection system.

Get What You Need from One Source

Aerotech motion systems offer the user a variety of options to suit their application. For example, we manufacture a line of linear amplifiers and shielded cables for low-noise emission applications. Our multi-axis systems are available with a rigid mechanical structure and precise axis alignments to provide the highest overall accuracy and repeatability available. Ironless linear motors and slotless rotary motors provide cog-free motion for smooth scanning routines. Aerotech's unique Position Synchronized Output (PSO) feature allows the user to trigger measurements at precise times/positions—on the fly. Our wide range of motion products and expertise mean you'll have a motion partner that you can rely on.

Sensor TestingSurface ProfilingNon-Contact/NDTContact/Destructive
Accelerometers Lens/Optics Inspection X-Ray Inspection Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
Inertial Sensores/IMUs Discrete Part Measurements Industrial CT Inspection Hardness Testing
Gyroscopes Hole Inspection Weld Inspection Shock/Suspension Testing
MEMS Devices Gauge Inspection Acoustic Emission Testing Universal Testing Machine
Inclinometers Defect Detection Eddy Current Testing Fatigue Testing
Potentiometers Wafer Inspection Impulse Excitation Lifecycle Testing
LVDTs Glass/Metal/Plastic/Thin Film Sheet Inspection Near Infrared Spectroscopy Electronics/QC Inspection
Position Encoders Thread Inspection Computed Radiography Wafer Probing
Capacitive Sensors Pipe/Tube Measurement Optical Microscopy Material Properties Testing
Strain Gauges Solder Bump Inspection Acoustic Resonance Testing Crash Testing
Optical Sensors White Light Interferometers Ultrasonic Inspection Metallographic Testing
Tachometers 3D Laser Scanning Scannin Electron Microscopy Weld Inspection
Hall Effect Sensors Gear Inspection Ellipsometry Adhesive Testing
Radar/LIDAR Sensors Sensor Focusing Vibration Testing and Modal Analysis Grease or Chemical Testing
Speed Sendors Roughness Measurement Vision Testing and Modal Analysis And more...
And more... Surface Finish Inspection Vision Systems/Visual Part Inspections
Thickness Measurement Internal Defect Detection
Microscopy Applications Nuclear Reactor Inspection
Line Scan Applications RF Spectrum Testing
And more... Spectroscopy Applications
QC Inspection/Defect Detection
And more...