ATS100 Mechanical-Bearing Ball-Screw Linear Stage


Design Features

  • Long life linear motion guide bearing system
  • Ultra-fine resolution
  • Integral bellows waycovers
  • Low-profile compact design
  • Includes brushless, slotless motor

The ATS100 series motor-driven linear stages provide the high resolution and repeatability required for semiconductor wafer testing and fabrication, automated microscope inspection systems and precision micromachining applications.

Outstanding Construction Features

ATS100 series stages are machined from a special cast aluminum alloy to provide a high strength-to-weight ratio and long-term stability. The base is a box design that provides exceptional stiffness and stability.

ATS100 series stages employ a precision-ground ball screw pre-loaded to eliminate backlash, and its nut has wipers to prevent contamination and maintain high accuracy throughout the life of the stage. High-quality, pre-loaded duplex bearings are used to eliminate axial play.

All ATS100 series stages incorporate Linear Motion Guide (LMG) bearings to provide high load capability and high stiffness. The LMG design provides a compact stage with continuous carriage support over the entire travel and good cantilevered load capability. Integral wipers on the bearing trucks help ensure stage travel life. Highly accurate optical limit switches and end stops are also standard.

Integral bellows-type waycovers protect the drive and bearing system from contamination. Metal surfaces are protected with an attractive clear anodized finish. Both metric (standard) and English mounting and bolt-hole patterns are available.

High Accuracy

The ATS100 sets the standard for precision performance in a compact package. With the HALAR option, the ATS100 is capable of submicron accuracy and an impressive repeatability of 0.3 µm.

Motors and Drives

Included with the ATS100 series stages are Aerotech's BMS series brushless rotary motors. This motor has all of the advantages of a brushless motor – high acceleration, no brushes to wear and lower heating – yet has zero cogging for extremely smooth motion and accuracy. Aerotech manufactures a wide range of matching drives and controls to provide a fully integrated and optimized motion solution.


Standard options include a precision right-angle bracket for multi-axis assembly and vacuum preparation to 10-6 torr.


ATS100 Specifications

Model ATS100-050 ATS100-100 ATS100-150 ATS100-200
Travel 50 mm 100 mm 150 mm 200 mm
Drive System Precision Ground Ball Screw/Brushless Servomotor (BMS60-A-D25-E1000H)
Bus Voltage Up to 160 VDC
Continuous Current Apk Up to 2.3 A
Arms Up to 1.6 A
Feedback Noncontact Rotary Encoder (1000 line)
Resolution 2 mm/rev lead 0.5 µm @ 4000 steps/rev Motor Resolution
Maximum Travel Speed(1) 100 mm/s
Maximum Load(2) Horizontal 25.0 kg
Vertical 10.0 kg
Side 10.0 kg
Accuracy HALAR(3) ±0.5 µm ±0.5 µm ±0.75 µm ±1.0 µm
Standard ±2.0 µm ±3.0µm ±5.0 µm ±6.0 µm
Repeatability (Bidirectional) HALAR(3) ±0.3 µm
Standard ±0.7 µm
Straightness and Flatness Differential HALSF 1.0 µm/25 mm
Standard 2.0 µm/25 mm
HALSF ±0.5 µm ± 1.0 µm ±1.5 µm ±1.75 µm
Standard ±1.0 µm ±2.0 µm ±2.0 µm ±3.0 µm
Pitch and Yaw 5 arc sec 8 arc sec 10 arc sec 12 arc sec
Nominal Stage Weight Less Motor 1.6 kg 1.7 kg 1.8 kg 2.0 kg
With Motor 2.7 kg 2.8 kg 2.9 kg 3.1 kg
Construction Aluminum Body/Stage and Table; Clear Anodize Finish
  1. Excessive duty cycle may impact stage accuracy.
  2. Payload specifications are for single axis systems and based on ball screw and bearing life of 2500 km (100 million inches) of travel.
  3. Available with Aerotech controllers.
  4. Specifications are for single-axis systems measured 25 mm above the tabletop. Performance of multi-axis systems is payload and workpoint dependent. Consult factory for multi-axis or non-standard applications.
  • ATS100 Cantilevered Load Graph


  • ATS100
  • HDZ1 Bracket
  • MP100 Mounting Plate

Ordering Information

Ordering Example

ATS100 -050 - -M -20P -BMS -NC - -

Ordering Options

Series Travel (mm) Stage Construction Options Mounting and
Grid Pattern
Drive Screw Motor Limits Options Coupling
ATS100 -050
-20P -BMS

ATS100 Series Linear Ball-Screw Stage

ATS100-050 50 mm (2 in) travel stage with limits
ATS100-100 100 mm (4 in) travel stage with limits
ATS100-150 150 mm (6 in) travel stage with limits
ATS100-200 200 mm (8 in) travel stage with limits

Stage Construction

/VAC3 Vacuum preparation of stage to 10-3 torr
/VAC6 Vacuum preparation of stage to 10-6 torr
/STEEL All steel construction

Mounting and Grid Pattern

-M Metric dimension mounting pattern and holes
-U English dimension mounting pattern and holes

Drive Screw

-20P 2 mm/rev precision-ground ball screw


-BMS Brushless servomotor with connectors and 1000-line encoder; requires cable (BMS60-A-D25-E1000H/)
-SM Stepping motor with connector and home marker pulse (one per rev); requires cable (50SMB2-HM/)
-NM No motor or encoder


-NC Normally-closed end of travel limit switches (standard)
-NO Normally-open end of travel limit switches
-9DU With 9-pin limit connector
-FLY With flying leads


-BRK 24 VDC spring-set motor brake for NEMA 23 motor
-FB Fold-back motor configuration


-NO COUPLING No coupling
-STD COUPLING 0.25 in coupling
-LGR MTR COUPLING 0.375 in coupling

Accessories (to be ordered as separate line item)

ALIGNMENT-NPA Non-precision XY assembly
ALIGNMENT-NPAZ Non-precision XZ or YZ assembly
ALIGNMENT-PA10 XY assembly; 10 arc sec orthogonal
ALIGNMENT-PA10Z XZ or YZ assembly with L-bracket; 10 arc second orthogonal
ALIGNMENT-PA5 XY assembly; 5 arc sec orthogonal
ALIGNMENT-PA5Z XZ or YZ assembly with L-bracket; 5 arc second orthogonal
HDZ1 English right angle L-bracket (ATS100-050 thru ATS100-100)
HDZ1U/VAC6 VAC6 prepared English right angle L-bracket (ATS100-050 thru ATS100-100)
HDZ1M Metric right angle L-bracket (ATS100-050 thru ATS100-100)
HDZ1M/VAC6 VAC6 prepared metric right angle L-bracket (ATS100-050 thru ATS100-100)
HDZ1L English right angle L-bracket (ATS100-150 thru ATS100-200)
HDZ1L/VAC6 VAC6 prepared English right angle L-bracket (ATS100-150 thru ATS100-200)
HDZ1LM Metric right angle L-bracket (ATS100-150 thru ATS100-200)
HDZ1LM/VAC6 VAC6 prepared metric right angle L-bracket (ATS100-150 thru ATS100-200)
MP100U English base mounting plate
MP100U/VAC6 VAC6 prepared English base mounting plate
MP100M Metric base mounting plate
MP100M/VAC6 VAC6 prepared metric base mounting plate
HALAR High-accuracy system linear error correction for accuracy and repeatability
HALSF High-accuracy system improved straightness and flatness

*Please go HERE for complete information on XY, XZ and YZ assembly options.

*Please go HERE for complete information on motor orientation options.