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3D Metrology Systems

When it comes to precision measurement, we’re the total package.

Release yourself from the burden of automated measurement and inspection processes. Our metrology and manufacturing experts engineer and build turnkey systems that solve your most challenging applications.

Your equipment partner for high-end, precision measurement and inspection processes.

There’s little room for error when manufacturing high-value or life-critical products. As your precision tool manufacturing partner, we bring more than 50 years of experience to ensure your products are measured and inspected to the tightest of tolerances.
We’re not restricted to using just one measurement technology, giving us access to the full range of commercially available sensors, software and more to deliver a tool that works best for your needs. You focus on taking your products to the highest level. We’ll focus on measuring them to the smallest.

Leverage Our Experience

Our unmatched depth and breadth of experience in precision automation and tool manufacturing means less implementation risk for you.

Measure with Certainty

Our precision equipment reduces measurement uncertainty, giving you confidence that your results are in spec.

Customize Your Solution

If you don’t find what you need in our standard catalog, we’ll custom build your solution, giving you exactly what you need.

Extending Measurement Volumes

Our customers need to measure larger manufactured parts in their final form using high-resolution measurement tools, which can be impossible with off-the-shelf measurement tools’ working travel limitations. We provide larger travel stages and simplify complex motion without sacrificing measurement accuracy.

"Our microscope is limited in measuring volume. With Aerotech, the customer was able to experience the benefits of our microscope over their larger part."

Tool Vendor

Safe Production Equipment

Safe Production Equipment

Certain production environments require special machine certifications and safety precautions. Our customers appreciate the scope of work that we take on - we’re precision machine builders who also manage risk for our customers.

"Our facility requires very specific certifications for production machines. Aerotech was able to provide us the certification level to make justifying the purchase easy."
Medical Device Manufacturer

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For your toughest measurement and inspection applications, turn to the partner who can deliver a tool that meets your exact needs.