Powder Bed Fusion/Laser Sintering

The ability to form structurally complex parts from plastic, metal, ceramic or glass powders is an advantage that additive manufacturing continues to exploit over its subtractive manufacturing counterparts. As the industry segment continues to mature, the level of precision within these processes will subsequently increase. Aerotech has the capabilities to render these high-precision system requirements.

Galvanometer Scanner and Controls

  • Micron-level field of view accuracy achieved by thermally stable feedback sensors.
  • Direct access is granted to the position sensors of the galvanometer, closing the control loop and virtually eliminating lag and tracking errors typically associated with scanners.
  • Coupled with controls, the galvanometer can be seamlessly integrated with linear servo stages to create an infinite field of view (IFoV) that eliminates stitching errors associated with other scanner systems.
Nmark_CLSAGV-14 HP_lens


Real-Time Kinematics in Aerotech's A3200 Controller

Aerotech's Automation 3200 controller with built-in kinematics capability greatly reduces the complexity of multi-axis dispensing applications.

  • Motion profiles can be generated directly from a CAD drawing and executed on the controller, greatly reducing programming time and program complexity, while permitting rapid changeover to alternate part profiles.
  • Motion profiles are programmed in linear/arc segments or points on a cubic spline interpolated path, removing the need for complex post-processing tools to create multi-axis print paths.
  • Part geometry and dispensing speeds can be optimized on the machine without re-posting the motion profile, increasing productivity.
  • Programming in part coordinates and executing the kinematics in real time enables the specification of the point of rotation at run time, greatly simplifying the fixturing requirements with a fixed point of rotation that results from postprocessor programs.