Key Industry Expertise

  • Fuel Injectors
  • Welding
  • Sensor Testing
  • Painting
  • Cam Grinding
  • Windshield Glass Edge Grinding
  • Shock Absorber Testing

Aerotech has been satisfying the production and R&D motion needs of automotive manufacturers and parts suppliers for decades. There are many operations that have benefited from our motion expertise.

Precision Fuel Injectors

To achieve higher performance engines with lower emissions requires precision manufacturing of the fuel injection system - specifically the repeatable, precision machining of the fuel injector. Aerotech has long been involved in the development and manufacturing of high performance, multi-axis systems to manufacture fuel injectors, and our expertise in all facets of precision motion control allows us to develop techniques and equipment that improve and expedite the process.

Sensor Testing

As the demand for reliable and high-performance onboard sensors continually increases, so do the testing requirements of the sensors. For over 40 years Aerotech has built many testing subsystems for air-bag sensors, fuel-metering systems, wheel testing systems, and coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) for auto-body measurement with touch probes.


Auto-body painting requires the coordination of high axis-counts with complex trajectories while maintaining smooth, high-speed motions on the assembly line. Aerotech has supplied automotive painting subsystems that coordinate high-axis counts to meet these challenges. You can store multiple body styles in memory, facilitating body style switching on the fly for scalability and performance. Our high-speed motion and trajectory synchronization capability provides for precision movement over the profile and contour of the auto body while moving on a conveyor.

Cam Grinding

Cam grinding has been a core application of CNC machines for decades. Electronic Cam Profiling is a standard, built-in function that defines motion in CAM tables. Multiple cam part profiles (with large tables) can be stored in a single Aerotech Automation 3200 motion controller for fast changeover time. Mirror-quality surface finish results from our real-time cubic curve-fitting function that interpolates position between points. Preprogrammed individual lobe profiles can be ground to exact tolerances in one operation.