Key Industry Expertise

  • Solid Freeform and Slurry Deposition Fabrication
  • Photonics Experiments
  • Micro- and Nanomachining
  • Defense, Satellite and Space Research
  • Bose-Einstein Condensate Experiments
  • Fiber Bragg Gratings
  • Non-Linear Spectroscopy
  • Optical Delay Experiments

The Right Product for Your R&D

The breadth of our product line offers solutions for the wide-ranging requirements of academic and industrial research and development. Universities and R&D centers can develop and test new products, processes and services using our high-performance single- and multi-axis motion control and positioning systems that provide unparalleled accuracy.

Aerotech high-performance gantry systems are the choice for solid freeform and slurry deposition fabrication of materials. The fiber-optic line of positioning stages provides the accuracy required not only for photonics experiments but also for micro- and nanomachining workstations. Aerotech multi-axis rotary positioners and gimbals offer the high precision needed for defense, satellite and space science research.

Single-axis air-bearing stages are used worldwide for Bose-Einstein Condensate, fiber Bragg grating and other experimentation where smooth, precise motion is required. Our high-resolution linear motor, mechanical-bearing stages are perfect for non-linear spectroscopy and optical delay experiments.

Nanometer and Sub-Arc-Second Accuracy—Game On!

Aerotech's new nanopositioners are ideal for applications requiring nanometer and sub-arc-second accuracies and are suitable for both laboratory R&D and industrial applications. Products include single- and dual-axis linear nanopositioners, rotary nanopositioners, nanopositioning goniometers, and vertical lift and "Z" stage nanopositioners.

Custom Solutions Built to Order

Unique applications call for unique solutions, and Aerotech can provide custom-engineered systems to meet your needs. We have extensive experience with large payload, high vacuum, cleanroom and other demanding applications. Let us show you how over 40 years of experience translates into your ideal custom system.

Medical device and life sciences, semiconductor and flat panel, photonics, automotive, data storage, laser processing, military/aerospace, electronic manufacturing, test and inspection, micro- and nano-processing, imaging, optics, materials research, and new sciences and technologies—Aerotech has the appropriate components, positioning stages/tables and systems for your research and experimental needs.