Electronic Manufacturing

Key Industry Expertise

  • Cleanroom Ready Systems
  • Electrostatic Discharge Protection
  • Multi-Axis Calibration
  • Multidimensional Error Mapping
  • All-Digital Drives
  • Advanced Diagnostics
  • High Speed/Throughput Applications
  • Coordinated Galvo, Servo, & Piezo Motion

Motion Solutions for your Electronics Manufacturing Applications

With over 45 years of precision motion excellence, Aerotech offers world-class motion solutions for various applications in electronics manufacturing, including laser direct imaging, stencil cutting, micro-electronics assembly, PCB processing, and back-end semiconductor processes including die inspection, dicing, and IC bonding. From high-performance components, to fully-integrated electro-mechanical subsystems, Aerotech has a solution that will suit your needs. Whatever precision motion is required for your specific application, Aerotech can offer a solution optimized for your performance objectives by our engineering team.edssystem

Aerotech manufactures many systems for standard industrial environments, but also has competencies in numerous types of systems requiring special environmental and process considerations, including:

A3200 DVD Case, CD, NPaq, NDriveIn addition to precision mechanics, Aerotech also offers highly advanced software packages to control your motion system. The A3200 Software-Based Controller is among the most powerful motion controllers on the market with unique features and capabilities seamlessly control and coordinate any combination of servo, galvo, and piezo systems. Our A3200 controller has numerous built-in algorithms and features specifically designed for electronics manufacturing applications, including:

  • Enhanced Tracking Control: Improves following errors in contouring motion and reduces move and settle time in point-to-point positioning
  • Enhanced Throughput Module: Counteracts disturbances caused by outside forces and vibrations
  • Command Shaping: Improves settling time and dynamic performance by eliminating errors caused by system resonances (included in Dynamic Controls Toolbox)
  • EasyTune: Avoid the hassles of tuning a mechatronic motion system; automatically tune your system in minutes with just a single click of a button

Gold Standard GantriesAGS15000

Aerotech's industrial robots are available in models from low-cost, modular, linear actuators assembled in a gantry configuration, to sophisticated gantry models with the largest travel, highest speed and highest acceleration available. Aerotech’s world-class gantries are used in a wide array of electronics manufacturing applications around the world, including pick-and-place, printing circuits, drilling vias in PCBs, manufacturing laser-cut stencils, and many more high-precision processes. Aerotech's experience in brushless linear motor design, motion controllers, and drives enables us to offer a complete gantry solution that perfectly fits your gantry application.

Download our Cartesian Robots brochure for more information.

Piezo NanopositionersPiezoLinearStages-Alt

Aerotech’s QNP™ series and QNPHD series of piezo nanopositioning stages offer sub-nanometer-level performance in a compact, high-stiffness package. A variety of travel (100 µm to 600 µm) and feedback options make this the ideal solution for applications ranging from microscopy to optics alignment. For electronics manufacturing applications that require sub-micron levels of motion control, piezo stages can be the perfect solution. If your system requires both piezo stages and servo stages, our A3200 controller has the unprecedented capability of controlling and coordinating motion between both axes, despite their fundamental functional differences.