Circuit Board and Electrical Subsystem Manufacturing

Circuit -Board -Rectangular Place more parts, solder more joints, drill more vias, and print more interconnects with Aerotech’s precise high-speed motion devices.

Manufacture the next generation of electronic subsystems with the highest yield and throughput by relying on Aerotech’s capable quality products and know-how.

Maximize Throughput   Customization to Meet Your Specific Process Needs   World-Class Support
  • Experienced application engineers who know how to get the most out of equipment
  • Optimized designs for maximum output and part quality
  • Industry-leading dynamic control tools
  • Custom designed subsystems and systems for your process needs
  • Unique products and capabilities combine for unmatched performance
  • Knowledgeable system design teams
  • Application programming support
  • Global technical support and service

Overhead Motion Experts Overhead Motion Experts

Aerotech's industrial overhead mechatronic solutions are available in models from low-cost, modular, linear actuators assembled in a gantry configuration, to sophisticated purpose built subsystems with the largest travel, highest speed and highest acceleration available. Aerotech’s mechatronics are used in a wide array of electronics manufacturing applications, including pick-and-place, printing circuits, drilling vias, and laser cutting stencils.

Custom Motion Subsystems Custom Motion Subsystems, Optimal for Your Process

Let Aerotech’s expert system design teams develop an optimized motion subsystem specifically for your process needs.

Applications and Solutions

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Precision Assembly Printed -Electronics -and -Dispensing Via -Drilling

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