Laser Lift-Off and Mass Transfer Printing

Extreme Precision Extreme precision and speed requirements. Bring it on.

Due to the size of µLED’s used in modern displays, the laser lift-off and transfer printing processes both require µm level precision. As resolutions increase, laser lift-off demands blazing fast speed on top of that, and transfer printing multiple degrees of freedom of precision motion. While challenging, Aerotech’s reliable product portfolio and expert custom-motion designers are up to the task.

Rely On Our Experience Rely on our experience

Aerotech has helped implement laser lift-off and mass transfer printing processes at some of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world. Let our application expertise and precision machine design capabilities propel your design team into manufacturing success.

Rely On Our Industrial Components Rely on our industrial high-performance components

Aerotech’s industrial product portfolio consists of the highest performing, most reliable precision motion components offered in the market. For µLED production, every µm matters to the quality of the final product, and every second counts to make the product cost effective. Rely on the products you know will produce high yields and higher throughput, especially under 24/7 production stresses. Rely on Aerotech.

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