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Aerotech Makes the Complex Simple

Even modern scanning systems are fundamentally limited by the field of view (FOV) of the focusing optic. Aerotech’s advanced Infinite Field of View (IFOV) controller feature removes this barrier and allows continuous patterning over large workpieces.

The Scanning Solution You've Been Looking For... Nmark AGV-HP and AGV-HPO

The highly repeatable and thermally stable feedback sensors used on the Nmark AGV-HP and AGV-HPO scanner systems can be calibrated down to single-digit, micron-level accuracy over the field of view and maintain it at 100% duty cycle (see how we do it HERE). With the extremely low thermal gain drift performance of the position transducers, complex, high-density laser machining applications that take long periods of time to complete will maintain consistent micron-level feature placement accuracy over the lifetime of the process. Likewise, high throughput applications will maintain consistent part-to-part quality without having to re-calibrate between parts. For the highest level of thermal stability, the AGV-HP scanners can be equipped with water cooling to stabilize the operating temperature of the device under varying loads, changes in ambient temperature, or beam clipping on the input aperture.

We Control All of the Details

Since outside variables can jeopardize the integrity of a final product, Aerotech controls all of the details. Everything from designing best-in-class mechanics to implementing the final pattern takes place at Aerotech’s world headquarters.

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