Cochlear Implant Solutions

Solution-Specific Subsystems

There are two specific features within the cochlear implant application that make the use of Aerotech equipment a very good fit for the manufacturing process.  Aerotech’s HermeSys and FiberAlign technologies are a perfect fit for laser welding needed for the implant and the electrode arrays. These two systems provide accurate, repeatable and speedy processes in order to increase throughput – certainly a main goal for anyone!

HermeSys – 3 Axis Precision Seam-Welding

Hermesys is the first motion subsystem targeted directly at laser seam-welding applications. The compact, rigid platform increases weld quality while reducing part processing time. In addition, it provides three-axis travel to ensure the most accurate and repeatable weld.

In order to mount a precision laser, an X-Y stage is provided that will accommodate focal lengths anywhere from 50 mm to 400 mm. The 14 mm travel Z-axis also includes a direct-drive rotating platform and a clamping mechanism to ensure the part stays sealed throughout the entire welding process. The end result is a perfectly functional platform on which to perform highly repeatable, precision welds in 3-Dimensional space.


FiberAlign – Automating Manual Processes

Currently, the termination of the wire leads within the electrode array is done by hand in a manual fashion. Aerotech’s enhanced FiberAlign– the latest high-performance alignment system previously used for photonics alignments – is a natural solution to automating this labor intensive process. Speed, resolution, and accuracy are all incorporated into the best-in-class drive and state-of-the-art axis control technology in order to deliver the latest high-performance aligning system.

A3200 – Real-Time Controller Simplicity

In addition to the wonderful features that everyone has come to love from the A3200 motion control system, it will also allow the user to transform in real time and simplify path programming. The weld profiles can be directly programmed in part coordinate space and transformed to the HermeSys actuator coordinate space allowing for on-machine modification of the program and optimization of the weld profile.

Featured Solutions for Cochlear Implant Applications