Intraocular and Contact Lens Manufacturing

Keep Up With The Market

Aerotech is here to help you keep pace with a growing lens manufacturing market and changing technology. We are experts in the lens manufacturing process AND in supporting machine builders and end users, alike.


Aerotech’s knowledge of the entire lens design and lens manufacturing process has been developed over 35+ years of supplying equipment to the industry. We are your single source equipment supplier for IntraOcular Lens (IOL) and contact lens manufacturing equipment, capable of providing any level of solution.

  • High End: A complete and customized machine
  • Mid Level: Motion subsystems, mounted on granite and ready for integration
  • Component: World-class components ready for integration into your machine design

Any solution from Aerotech includes access to the experts at Aerotech. Call Aerotech at +1-412-963-7470 or email us at and ask to talk to an Application Engineer or a Field Sales Engineer.

A Name You Can Trust

Get started with Aerotech and you’ll find out – we will not walk away until you are 100% satisfied. We are committed to advancing our customers applications and helping them succeed. We want to be essential to your success! 

It’s as Simple as 4 Steps


Step 1: Design Your Part and Lathing Recipe

Design your lens lathing recipe with Aerotech’s LensPRO Designer software. LensPRO Designer allows you to quickly specify the required IOL geometry and export the machine code required to lathe an IOL on the LensPro-HP.


Step 2: Lathing Your Precision IOL or Contact Lens

Lathe a polish-free surface using the LensPro-HP lathe. Simply export the lens design as a motion program and run that program on the LensPro-HP IOL Lathe. You will be lathing your lens in minutes.


Aerotech’s lathe comes with two Aerotech ABL1500 air-bearing linear stages, a high-performance air-bearing spindle, and Aerotech’s award-winning Automation 3200 motion controller. You can expect surface quality of less than 3 nm rms from the LensPro-HP.


The LensPro-HP is also easy to configure for your specific application.

  • Standard: three tooling locations (up to seven locations available)
  • Optional: TLG-4000 fast oscillating tool
  • Custom features: laser marker, automated parts loading, and more

Step 3: Generate a Milling Profile Using Aerotech’s CADFusion

Aerotech’s CADFusion software tool allows you to convert a two-dimensional milling part profile to a motion program. Aerotech’s CADFusion provides a simple and quick method to import .DXF or .DWG files for conversion to G-code or AeroBasic™. You can also create your designs in CADFusion or edit your up-loaded files.


Step 4: Machine Tool or Laser Mill Your Haptics

Complete your IOL manufacturing process with a custom milling machine from Aerotech. Aerotech’s Systems Engineers are experts with over 40 years of experience. We design XYZ milling configurations using the most precise linear motor stages that the world has ever seen.


Aerotech also offers an array of galvo scan-head solutions should you decide to laser mill your lens.


Interested in talking to somebody? Call us at +1-412-963-7470 or email us at


Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

See our results on our LensPro-HP Real Results Page.

We Have a Solution For You

Aerotech can handle 100% of the automation requirements for your process.  Multiple price points for different levels of equipment mean that we can handle your precision and non-precision processes.

Aerotech also integrates with vision systems and other inspection equipment. We are truly your one-stop-shop.