Solutions for Interventional Cardiac Devices

Life-Saving Devices Demand Flawless Motion

Microns matter!

Cylindrical laser micromachining applications such as stent processing depend on micron-level dynamic errors to ensure adequate part quality. These types of part profiles have many sharp direction reversals to impart the desired cut path and part shape to the workpiece, and therefore require the best possible dynamics from both the mechanical and electrical system elements. Aerotech’s suite of purpose-designed electromechanical systems have perfected motion for this challenging set of applications, and ensure world-class production capabilities.


Mechanical Solutions Optimized for Cylindrical Laser Processing

Purpose-designed mechanics balance performance with throughput

The bedrock of any precision motion system is the mechanical subsystem. Aerotech has perfected our mechanics for stent production by crafting designs that simultaneously drive through center of mass, support about the system’s center of stiffness, and sense position as close as possible to the work point. This superior design, as seen in the VascuLathe® and LaserTurn® product families, is the culmination of decades of Aerotech responsiveness to the stent, guidewire, catheter, and hypotube markets.

Our component-level solutions can provide nearly the same performance levels, while allowing increased design flexibility. ASR, CCS, and ACS rotary stages have been designed with user flexibility in mind, and feature high-speed options that can increase part throughput 2.5X, while our PRO series linear stages offer travel and motor options for any cylindrical processing job.

Expert Level Performance - Just a Few Clicks Away

A3200 perfects your process - instantly

Aerotech's world-class controls make it easy to extract the very best performance from any mechanical system. Aerotech’s A3200 motion controller includes the new EasyTune® software tool, which expertly tunes your electromechanical system with one click. With EasyTune machine resonances and non-linearities are mitigated, and advanced loop-shaping techniques are automatically applied.


Graph2Any stent-cutting application relies on velocity management and acceleration limiting to minimize dynamic errors while maximizing machine parts-per-hour. Advanced tools such as multi-block look ahead, velocity profiling, and coordinated acceleration limiting permit users to execute their most challenging part profiles with total confidence in part quality and machine performance.

The stent profile itself can be enhanced by applying the A3200’s Digital Scope utility to graphically identify the areas where errors must be reduced. This ability to apply a fine tool to the profile produces better parts without reducing global feed rates or dynamics.