Optics Inspection

Whether you are using noncontact or tactile means to inspect and measure optics, Aerotech has market-driven positioning solutions aimed to increase the precision and reliability of your machine’s inspection process.

Error Motions
Data Collection
Machine Footprint
Position-based error motions can degrade the quality of your measurement. Let us help alleviate the effects of error motion on your inspection process.   Tie your measurement device output to true position in real-time using innovative control features from Aerotech.   Time to think outside the box on possible machine configurations. Let us walk you through possible machine orientations that have a large effect on footprint and throughput.


Graphics With Blue Box -01 Precision Mechanics to Reduce Error Motions

Use our stage selector to find positioning stages, rotary tables, and linear slides that incorporate either precision mechanical bearings or high-precision air-bearings. Don’t see what you need here? Custom multi-axis assemblies are offered through Aerotech’s systems engineering group.

Graphics With Blue Box -02 Seamless Combination of Data to Position

Trigger, collect, and display your measurement data based on real-time calibrated position feedback from your system using Aerotech’s Position Synchronized Output and Digital Scope features.

Graphics With Blue Box -03 Creative Solutions For Your Machine

Want to reduce machine footprint? Increase throughput? Work with Aerotech to uncover positioning solutions aimed to solve application specific problems such as our Surface Measurement Platform (SMP).

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