Key Industry Expertise

  • Pick and Place
  • Small Electronic Parts Assembly
  • Labeling
  • Load and Unload
  • Marking and Printing
  • Scribing
  • High-Speed Registration
  • Electronic Gearing

The Total Package

Aerotech manufactures motion control systems and components for automated packaging equipment and packaging systems, and is well-versed in applications such as load and unload, marking and printing, labeling, scribing, high-speed registration, electronic gearing and others. We can customize an automated packaging equipment system to meet your needs or you can choose from our wide array of components including gantries, rotary and linear and lift stages, PWM and linear drives, brush and brushless rotary motors and linear motors, and advanced motion controllers. This makes us a complete packaging equipment solution provider, as well as a source for high-performance components for retrofit of existing automated packaging equipment systems.

A Gantry for Every Occasion

Aerotech gantry systems use our own brushless linear servomotors to meet the needs of a variety of gantry customers, from packaging applications to electronic assembly and electronic manufacturing to vision systems and industrial automation. These industrial robots are available in models from low-cost modular linear actuators assembled in a gantry configuration with matching motion control and drives, to sophisticated gantry models with the largest travel, highest speed and highest acceleration available.

Control is Key

Aerotech motion controllers are used in our own positioning systems and in motion control and positioning systems throughout the world. The Automation 3200 multi-axis motion controller is software-based (no PC slots required) and marries a robust, high performance motion engine with vision, PLC, robotics, and I/O in one unified programming environment. The Ensemble™ stand-alone 1-10 axis motion controller is Aerotech's next-generation controller for moderate- to high-performance applications with high-speed communication through 10/100 Base T Ethernet or USB interfaces. The Soloist™ is a single-axis servo controller that combines a power supply, amplifier and position controller in a single package.