Test & Inspection

Aerotech is involved in test and inspection across a wide array of industries with applications including CMMs, ultrasonic, eddy current, x-ray, optical, and electronic. All of these applications rely on Aerotech products’ unmatched precision, accuracy, and durability. Optical inspection solutions range from high-end linear-motor-driven models packaged with all control elements in an optimized machine base, to modular systems specifically designed for cost-sensitive applications.

Antenna Positioning System

Radar Research and Antenna Positioning

This antenna positioning system for radar research offers accurate point-to-point motion and velocity stability for precision scanning. The use of linear amplifiers limits electrical interference and improves system stability.

This system uses Aerotech’s AGR150 worm-gear rotary stage and the ADRT-150 direct-drive rotary stage, both with apertures, to simplify your application while maximizing performance and results.

High Acceleration, High-Speed Testing

High-Speed Axial Reciprocating Probe

This system uses Aerotech’s linear motor technology to offer accelerations unachievable with other lesser technologies. With up to 4 g acceleration, 3 m/s velocity, and <10 millisecond turn latency, high-speed test and measurement application throughput is guaranteed.

This system features vacuum preparation, 1.5 meter travel, and a stand-alone, digital servo controller.

Wafer Inspection and Testing Optical Probe Station

AerotechLTD-174766-No Vacuum

This XY system is for use in an optical probe station for wafer inspection and testing. The system includes a wafer chuck with multiple vacuum zones for flexibility.

Aerotech’s PlanarDL is a two axis, mechanical bearing, linear-motor stage. It uses anti-creep, precision crossed-roller bearings for excellent geometric performance with a low profile. Aerotech's Wafer Chuck family includes chucks for 200 and 300 mm wafers, as well as other substrates such as reticles and flat-panel displays. Aerotech’s industry-leading manufacturing capabilities produce vacuum chucks with excellent flatness. Leveling mechanisms and wafer load/unload devices can be integrated into the design.

X-Ray Inspection System


This X-ray inspection system provides nanometer-level spatial repeatability and is thermally stable for long duration testing. Aerotech’s ABRT rotary air-bearing has outstanding error motion performance.

The system includes Aerotech’s ABRT direct-drive, rotary, air-bearing stage and ABL1500 direct-drive, linear, air-bearing stage with counterbalance.