450 mm Wafer

450 mm Motion Platforms

With the promise of additional economy-of-scale benefits, the semiconductor industry is beginning to look more seriously at 450 mm wafer manufacturing. Aerotech's vast experience in providing motion systems to the semiconductor, flat panel display, and photovoltaic industries means that we are poised to address the needs of 450 mm wafer processing and inspection. Not only do we have motion subsystems that provide both the travel and performance requirements necessary for 450 mm wafer but we also have advanced control technologies that dramatically increase system throughput by reducing parasitic motions associated with large payloads.

450 mm wafer

Aerotech's extensive product offering covers all 450 mm semiconductor manufacturing areas including wafer processing, wafer inspection and lithography. Our selection of linear and rotary stages covers mechanical bearing, air bearing and vacuum solutions.

Advanced Controls for 450 mm Wafer Systems

Moving mass and work area increases associated with 450 mm wafers requires state-of-the-art controls utilizing advanced control techniques. Aerotech's suite of Advanced Controls provides a variety of options to increase accuracy, reduce step-and-settle time and eliminate parasitic motions. This helps to dramatically reduce the risks associated with moving to 450 mm.

Advanced Controls

Example 450 mm Capable Stage Systems

450 mm capable stage

450 mm Capable Metrology

Aerotech has over 40 years' experience designing, manufacturing and testing high-end motion platforms that include large working areas. From flat-panel display manufacturing and test systems to Aerotech's metrology capabilities, we are unmatched in the industry. We have:

    • Seismically isolated test areas that are temperature controlled to better than 0.25°C.

    • Cleanroom facility that meets the requirements of large system ISO Class 6 with cell specific ISO Class 5 capabilities.

    • State-of-the-art interferometers from Agilent, Renishaw and Zygo, phase measuring interferometers, capacitive position sensors, and LVDT transducers to verify, calibrate and tune all of our 450 mm compatible systems.

  • Moeller Wedel auto collimators combined with our Advanced Rotary Test Measurement System verify accuracy, resolution, axial and radial error motion and tilt error motion of rotary axes.


Expanded Manufacturing Capabilities

We have recently expanded our manufacturing facility by 50% from 12,000 m2 to 18,000 m2. This 6,000 m2 manufacturing-centric addition also provides an expanded cleanroom facility and additional dedicated test lab space. This means that Aerotech is well-positioned for production-level manufacturing of 450 mm systems.