Air-Bearing Split Bridge Gantry


Design Features

  • Large format air-bearing motion system designed and commissioned to minimize errors at the customer’s work point
  • Sub-micron accuracy tolerances about the work point
  • Up to 100 kg load capacity for customer parts
  • XYZ linear air-bearings with two rotational air-bearing tables built onto a mechanically stable granite base
  • Supported by an air isolation system and steel weldment to minimize external disturbances
  • All axes are direct driven by either linear motors or frameless rotary motors to achieve precise control over position, velocity, and acceleration
  • Five axis coordinated control capabilities utilizing an Aerotech motion controller
  • Switch between cartesian XYZ processing and tool-point kinematics capable of positioning the tool normal to curved surfaces
  • Example applications include micromachining, laser machining, surface profiling, and many more