High Dynamic Planar Air-Bearing Subsystem


Design Features

  • Planar XY air-bearing system produces extremely low out of plane geometric errors with minimal pitch, roll, yaw, and straightness errors
  • High-force output linear motors are positioned near the center of gravity optimizing the system for maximum throughput in dynamic applications
  • Mounting for several Z-axis instrument stages is ideal for allowing serial processing on one platform
  • Fully integrated and aligned system using a rigid granite structure
  • Thoughtfully designed cable management system with room for customer process cables and hoses
  • Passive isolation and steel weldment designed to maintain motion specifications in precise manufacturing applications
  • Within the steel weldment are control panels for motion drives, IO devices, safety circuitry, and AC/DC power
  • Example applications include glass scribing, display processing, planar part inspection, and as well as others