Inverted Gimbal on Slide Subsystem


Design Features

  • Creative axis orientation allows for continuous rotation of a working area and 180 degree control over the tilt plane
  • All brackets, cable management, and axis mounting patterns designed by Aerotech
  • All alignments between the individual axes performed by Aerotech
  • Direct-drive high-load capacity rotational axes allow for faster processing speeds and payloads greater than 50 kg
  • Load specific or adjustable counterbalances are available for the rotational axes
  • Long travel linear-motor-driven lower axis enables a longer processing area as well as tool-point normalcy to a workpiece with larger slopes
  • The motion trajectory is programmed and controlled in a coordinated fashion using an Aerotech motion controller
  • Example applications include advanced manufacturing using a subtractive tool such as a laser or an additive tool, as well as high load test and inspection processes