Drum Writer


Design Features

  • Complete motion subsystem including the linear and rotational axes needed for drum processing
  • Air-bearing or mechanical-bearing offerings
  • Customizable sizes and configurations
  • <100 nm accuracy line-to-line
  • Drums up to 2.5 m long
  • Drums up to 1000 kg
  • Advanced control platform and drive electronics

Aerotech’s drum writing motion subsystems are customized to meet the demanding needs of various drum manufacturing processes. Systems are primarily equipped for the writing, imprinting, or recording of drums used in roll-to-roll or sheet processes.

Mechanical Advantages

  • Headstock and tailstock designs to maximize dynamic drum stability while processing
  • High resolution linear and rotational axes for minimization of feature sizes
    • Sub-nanometer linear and sub-arc-second rotational resolutions
  • Additional axes available for laser autofocus purposes
  • Up to 3 m long linear air-bearings allow for over 2.5 m long drums
  • Precision alignments between axes to minimize geometry induced errors
    • 5 arc-second orthogonality alignments
    • 0.001 inch axis of intersection alignments
  • Manual linear axes aid in loading and securing of the drum

Advanced A3200 Control Platform

  • Modern machine control capabilities and programming structure within Aerotech’s advanced A3200 control system
  • Built-in laser autofocus loop for quick response
  • Position-based laser firing using Aerotech’s Position Synchronized Output (PSO) feature makes sure that the line-to-line accuracy is consistent
  • Linear amplifiers to eliminate electrical noise induced errors


For more information, please see our white paper on Advanced Motion Control for Precision Drum Writing.


Ordering Information

Please contact an Aerotech Application Engineer to discuss your requirements.