Drives & Drive Racks

Drives and Drive Racks

Complex Motion. Simple Control.

Motion control performance is driven by high-performance drive hardware.  Aerotech’s new Automation1 Precision Motion Control Platform includes the highest performing standard servo motor drives, galvo scan head controllers and piezo actuator drives available.  Learn more about Automation1 servo motor drive performance.

Motion & Process Control - TogetherMotion and Process Control

Aerotech’s drives do more than provide world-class motion control performance. They also provide tools for managing and controlling precision motion control processes. Our drives contain memory for process control and data collection, extensive input/output ( I/O) points for sensor integration and general machine control and interfaces to standard industrial lasers. Features like Position Synchronized Output, Autofocus and Infinite Field of View are easy to access and deploy to your precision machine control.

IO Closeup

Expandability Comes Easy

Aerotech’s approach to I/O is simple -- it’s all about accessibility. Order an I/O expansion board with any of our single-axis drives or multi-axis drive racks.
Over 192 I/O points can be deployed on a 4-axis control system. In addition, each drive includes the required encoder feedback inputs and axis I/O needed for precision motion control.

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