Automation1 XL4s High-Performance Voice-Coil Drive


Design Features

  • Part of Aerotech's Automation1 Precision Motion Control Platform
  • Single-phase motor drive
  • Compatible with A3200 version 6.04 and newer
  • Closed-loop servo control of voice-coil and single-phase motors
  • HyperWire® fiber optic interface
  • 200 kHz servo loop update rate
  • Designed for high-performance applications
  • Customizable current loop configurations available to meet your application requirement
  • Part-Speed Position Synchronized Output (PSO) included
Aerotech’s XL4s network digital drive is a high-performance linear amplifier designed to drive single-phase motors and eliminate the non-linearities common with PWM amplifiers. The drive provides deterministic behavior, auto-identification, and easy software setup. The XL4s’ multi-core, double-precision floating point DSP controls the digital PID. System configuration is performed using all software-settable parameters including control-loop gains and system safety functions.

The XL4s has an encoder interpolation feature, dedicated analog and digital I/O, and separate power connections for motor and control supply voltages.

The XL4s is optimized to control single-phase motors or voice-coil axes like Aerotech’s TLG-4000 fast tool servo. With the XL4s, you can achieve industry-leading settling times, long-term thermal stability, and sub-micron-level tracking accuracy with advanced features such as full state feed-forward, 200 kHz servo rates, and look-ahead-based velocity control.

Unlike other fast tool servo controllers, the XL4s packaging allows it to be panel-mounted in a machine enclosure, resulting in a smaller machine footprint and requiring less overall floor space.
The XL4s exceeds other single-phase motor controllers due to an industry-leading servo rate of 200 kHz. This directly correlates to better tracking errors and part quality at high-speeds in applications such as fast-tool servos, high-dynamic optical focusing axes, and high-speed pick-and-place machines.


XL4s Specifications

Motor Supply ±40 VDC max
Control Supply 85-240 VAC; 50-60 Hz
Digital Inputs Four Optically Isolated
Digital Outputs Four Optically Isolated
Analog Inputs One 16-Bit Differential; ±10 V
Analog Outputs Two 16-Bit Single-Ended; ±10 V
Emergency Stop Sense Input (ESTOP) Standard; 24 V Opto-Isolated
Position Synchronized Output (PSO) Standard:
  • Two-axis PSO
  • Three-axis Part-Speed PSO
Interpolated Feedback Output Yes
Communication Bus HyperWire® fiber-optic interface
Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C
Storage Temperature -30 to 85°C
Weight 2.9 kg
Servo Loop Rate 200 kHz
Compliance CE approved, NRTL safety certification, EU 2015/863 RoHS 3 directive


Ordering Information

XL4s Series (Required)

XL4s Single-phase linear amplifier

Current (Required)

-20 20 A peak; 5 A continuous