Ndrive MP PWM Digital Amplifier


Design Features

  • New design available! We recommend the Automation1-XC2 for all new applications.
  • Output power range up to 10 A peak
  • DC input
  • CE approved, NRTL safety certification, EU 2015/863 RoHS 3 directive
  • PWM power stages
  • Digital current, velocity, and position loops for improved motion stability
  • Optional integrated encoder multiplier for higher throughput and reduced wiring
  • Flexible design provides ability to drive brushless and DC brush-type servomotors as well as stepping motors
  • Encoder feedback

The Ndrive® family of digital servo amplifiers are high performance discrete drives used with the Automation 3200 motion controller. These drives are capable of controlling brushless, DC brush, and stepper motors over a wide range of operating voltages and currents. Based on a common architecture, Ndrive amplifiers perform both current- and position-loop closures digitally.

The use of high-performance double-precision processors allows these drives to generate ultra-smooth motion profiles. Servo system response is optimized with the use of up to eight second-order loop-shaping filters, precise time-aligned feed-forward and other proprietary techniques with loop closure rates up to 20 kHz.

The Ndrive family is offered in a number of highly efficient PWM versions. The Ndrive MP is a low power, small footprint PWM drive ideal for space-sensitive applications. The Ndrive CP is a medium-power PWM drive capable of running directly from AC mains voltage and is optimized for cost-sensitive applications. The Ndrive HPe is the highest performance PWM drive providing a host of features not available on the other PWM drives, and is available in output current ranges from 10 A to 200 A peak.

Options for the Ndrive family include integral encoder interpolation, one- to three-axis position synchronized output (PSO), automatic brake control, digital and analog I/O expansion, absolute encoder interface, and one- or two-channel resolver interfaces. An optional dedicated ethernet port is available on the HPe drives for connection to third-party I/O expansion devices. This provides the potential to connect to a large number of I/O points typically required for PLC-type applications.

Any combination of Ndrive amplifiers may be connected to the Automation 3200 FireWire® network, allowing the system to be customized as needed.


Ndrive MP Specifications

Ndrive MPUnits
Motor Style   Brush, Brushless, Stepper(1)
Motor Supply VDC 10-80
Control Supply(2) VDC 24-80
Bus Voltage(3) VDC 10-80
Peak Output Current (1 sec)(4) Apk 10
Continuous Output Current(4) Apk 5
Digital Inputs   N/A
Digital Outputs   N/A
Analog Inputs   One 12-bit Differential; ±10 V
Analog Outputs   N/A
Dedicated Axis I/O on Feedback Connector   Three Limit Inputs (CW, CCW, Home); Three Hall Effect Inputs (A, B, C); Three HighSpeed differential Inputs (sin, cos, mkr for encoder); Motor Over-Temperature Input
Dedicated I/O on Auxiliary Feedback Connector   N/A
I/O Expansion Board(5)   8/8 Digital Opto-Isolated; 1 Analog In (±10 V, 12-bit Differential); 1 Analog Out (±5 V, 16-bit); sin, cos, mrk for Aux Enc; Aux Enc can be used for PSO Output
High Speed Data Capture   Yes (50 ns Latency)
Automatic Brake Control   Optional(6)
Emergency Stop Sense Input (ESTOP)(6)   Standard; 24 V Opto-Isolated
Position Synchronized Output (PSO)   Optional(5)
Can Output Multiplied Encoder   No
Can Output Square Wave Encoder   No
Primary Encoder Input Frequency   200 kHz Amplified Sine Wave Standard (for onboard multiplier); 40 MHz TTL Square Wave
Secondary Encoder Input Frequency   32 MHz Square Wave
Encoder Multiplication   Up to x4096 (MXU); no real-time quadrature output
Resolver Interface   N/A
Internal Shunt Resistor   N/A
External Shunt   N/A
Ethernet   N/A
USB   No
RS-232   No
FireWire   Yes
Fieldbus   Modbus TCP on PC
Current Loop Update Rate kHz 20
Servo Loop Update Rate kHz 8
Power Amplifier Bandwidth kHz Selectable Through Software
Minimum Load Inductance mH 0.1 @ 80 VDC
Operating Temperature °C 0 to 50
Storage Temperature °C -30 to 85
Weight kg (lb) 0.45 (1.0)
Compliance   CE approved, NRTL safety certification, EU 2015/863 RoHS 3 directive
  1. For stepper motors only, one-half of bus voltage is applied across the motor (e.g., 80 VDC supply results in 40 VDC across stepper motor).
  2. "Keep Alive" supply.
  3. Output voltage dependent upon input voltage.
  4. Peak value of the sine wave; rms current for AC motors is 0.707 ∗ A pk.
  5. Requires I/O option.
  6. Requires external relay to remove motor supply power.


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