Ndrive MPC Compact 8-Axis Panel-Mount Drive Chassis


Design Features

  • Optimized design uses 46% less space than Ndrive MP
  • 10 A peak output per axis
  • 80 VDC (max) DC input
  • Supports brushless, DC brush, and stepper motors
  • Eight primary and four auxiliary encoder inputs
  • 32X inputs, 32X outputs, opto-isolated
  • 4X analog inputs, 4X analog outputs
  • CE approved, NRTL safety certification, EU 2015/863 RoHS 3 directive
  • Efficient PWM power stage

The Ndrive MPC is an Automation 3200 compatible eight axis, compact drive chassis capable of operating brushless, DC-brush, and stepper motors. Each drive in the MPC is functionally equivalent to Aerotech’s single-axis Ndrive MP. However, the optimized chassis design uses 46% less space for an equivalent number of axes.


Each drive can be configured with quadrature encoder or analog sin/cos feedback with up to 4096X interpolation. An additional four quadrature encoder inputs are available for dual-loop feedback, handwheel input, or tracking an external encoder for camming and material tracking applications.

Axis I/O

Dedicated inputs are provided for Hall-effect sensors, CW/CCW end of travel switches, and Home limit switch. The first four axes are also equipped with a solid-state relay for automatic control of a 24 VDC brake.

User I/O

The MPC includes 32X opto-isolated inputs and outputs (configurable as sinking or sourcing in blocks of eight), 4X 16-bit single-ended analog outputs and 4X 12-bit differential analog inputs.

Position Synchronized Output (PSO)

The first four drives in the MPC include a differential Position Synchronized Output for precise triggering of external devices based on the feedback position of the axis. The PSO output can also be used as a square-wave function generator with programmable frequency and duty cycle.

Power Stage

Each drive has a separate DC bus input allowing for multiple operating voltages within the MPC. Min/max input voltage range is 10 to 80 VDC. An optional external pre-wired DC power supply is available. Output current per axis is 10 A peak and 5 A continuous. A separate 24-80 VDC input is required to generate low-level control voltages.


Ndrive MPC Specifications

Ndrive MPCUnits 
Motor Style   Brush, Brushless, Stepper(1)
Motor Supply VDC 10-80
Control Supply(2) VDC 24-80
Bus Voltage(3) VDC 10-80
Peak Output Current (1 sec)(4) Apk 10
Continuous Output Current(4) Apk 5
Digital Inputs   32/32 Digital Opto-Isolated Inputs/Outputs; Four Analog In (±10 V, 12-bit Differential); Four Analog Out (±5 V, 16-bit); Four Secondary Quadrature Encoder Inputs on Axes 1-4
Dedicated Axis I/O on Feedback Connector   Three Limit Inputs (CW, CCW, Home); Three Hall Effect Inputs (A, B, C); Three High-Speed Differential Inputs (sin, cos, mkr for encoder); Motor Over-Temperature Input
High Speed Data Capture   Yes (50 ns Latency)
Automatic Brake Control   Axes 1-4
Emergency Stop Sense Input (ESTOP)(5)   Standard; 24 V Opto-Isolated
Position Synchronized Output (PSO)(6)   Axes 1-4
Primary Encoder Input Frequency   200 kHz Amplified Sine Wave Standard (for Onboard Multiplier); 40 MHz TTL Square Wave
Secondary Encoder Input Frequency   Axes 1-4, 32 MHz Square Wave
Encoder Multiplication   Up to x4096 (MXU); No Real-Time Quadrature Output
Compliance   CE approved, NRTL safety certification, EU 2015/863 RoHS 3 directive


  1. For stepper motors only, one-half of bus voltage is applied across the motor (e.g., 80 VDC supply results in 40 VDC across stepper motor).
  2. "Keep Alive" supply.
  3. Output voltage dependent upon input voltage.
  4. Peak value of the sine wave; rms current for AC motors is 0.707 ∗ Apk.
  5. Requires external relay to remove motor supply power.
  6. PSO only supported on quadrature encoder feedback.


Ordering Information

Ndrive MPC 8-Axis Drive Chassis

NDRIVEMPC-8 Compact A3200 compatible drive chassis with support for up to eight axes of brush, brushless, or stepper motors; consult Aerotech for alternate axis count configurations; includes the following features: 32X optoisolated digital inputs and outputs; 4X 12-bit differential analog input; 4X 16-bit analog output; brake relay on axes 1-4; secondary quadrature encoder input on axes 1-4; Position Synchronized Output on axes 1-4; 10 A peak, 5 A continuous PWM power stage; 10 to 80 VDC bus power input per axis; 24 to 80 VDC control power input; end of travel, home, and hall-effect inputs per axis

Feedback Configuration

-MX0 Axes 1-8 with quadrature encoder feedback
-MX4 Axes 1-4 with sin/cos feedback (max interpolation 4096X); axes 5-8 with quadrature encoder feedback
-MX8 Axes 1-8 with sin/cos feedback (max interpolation 4096X)