AGS5000WB Large Travel, High-Payload Gantry


Design Features

  • Optical metrology
  • 3-axis ALS5000/ATS5000WB/ATS5000
  • 1 m x 1 m XY, 300 mm Z travel
  • High load: 80 kg
  • <75 arc-sec total angular errors
  • Passive air isolation
  • 6 ft tall A3200 rack-mount console
  • Accuracy: X = 140 µm, Y = 2 µm, Z = 2 µm

The AGS5000WB uses a wide-body cross-axis stage to minimize physical deflections due to payload mass. The wide bearing spread of the cross axis fully supports payloads during vertical and horizontal motion. This minimizes roll/pitch/yaw angular error performance deflections and provides excellent axis accuracy/repeatability, and linear straightness/flatness. The AGS5000WB includes linear encoders on all axes for exceptional performance. The cross axis can be converted to a direct drive axis to provide 2 µm accuracy in all directions of travel. Air isolated granite minimizes floor vibrations from disturbing system performance.


Ordering Information

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