Motion Controllers

Aerotech motion controllers and machine controllers are used in precision applications worldwide. We offer the powerful Automation 3200 software-based machine controller with vision, robotics, and I/O in one unified Motion Controllersprogramming environment to provide from 1 to 32 axes of synchronized control with no degradation in performance as the axis count increases. The Ensemble® is Aerotech’s next-generation, multi-axis, stand-alone controller for moderate-to-high performance applications and can control brushless, brush, or stepper motors or stages in any combination with both PWM and linear drives, for 1 to 10 axes. The Soloist® is a single-axis, stand-alone servo controller that combines a power supply, amplifier, and position controller in a single, economical package.

Aerotech’s commitment to the software tools that make our controllers so powerful is second to none. For example, our Motion Composer suite offers a Configuration Manager to organize your applications, calculators for quick and easy setup, extensive diagnostics to speed commissioning, an Integrated Development Environment for fast development, data acquisition and analysis tools to increase performance – all in a fully compliant .NET 2.0 environment that shortens the development cycle.

Our advanced controller algorithms improve settle time, accuracy, in-position stability, and velocity stability.

We offer software libraries for .NET, MATLAB®, LabVIEW®, and G-code, as well as software modules for Delta robot automation.

Fieldbus options include EtherCAT, ProfiNET, Modbus, and Ethernet/IP.

Adventech Family 2We even offer a family of industrial PCs preconfigured with Aerotech's A3200 motion controller, available in both rack or panel-mount versions. The A3200-iPC Intelligent Industrial PCs are ready to work right out of the box — apply power, connect the drives, and start developing. You’ll waste no more time on PC selection, operating system activation/configuration, controller installation, and managing deliveries from multiple vendors.

If you cannot find a standard control, drive, motor, or software that fits your requirements, Aerotech is expert at creating custom configurations for your machine and/or your application.

Finally, a full complement of accessories are available to perfectly complete your motion or machine controller installation including joysticks, hand-wheel pendants, signal multipliers, noise filters, transformers, and much more.

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Aerotech Motion Controller Solutions Deliver High Performance with Quick and Easy Setup

Increased Performance Ease of Use Reduced Setup Time
Decrease move and settle time One software environment Setup wizards
Increase contour speeds and accuracy Extensive diagnostics Configurable autotuning tools
Easily remove machine resonance Multiple languages Software oscilloscope

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