Enhanced Tracking Control


Design Features

  • Faster point-to-point move times
  • Eliminate dynamic tracking error
  • Ultimate galvo mirror control

When to Use ETC... Always!

There's almost no situation where Aerotech's unique Enhanced Tracking Control (ETC) feature cannot improve move-and-settle times or reduces tracking errors. The Enhanced Tracking Control algorithm works in parallel with a conventional Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) control architecture and increases the ability of the servomechanism to reject disturbances that would otherwise lead to position errors. For more information, please see our white paper Enhanced Tracking Control (ETC).

Product Feature: Nmark GCL

Enhanced tracking control comes standard with any order of the Nmark GCL High-Performance Galvo Controller. Aerotech's advanced controller technology, born out of the servo-motor control industry, has been a welcome addition to the precision galvo scanner industry. The ETC algorithms were designed to increase the performance of mechanical bearing direct-drive stages. However, galvo motors, themselves having mechanical bearings, also benefit greatly from this advanced controller technology.
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