ETM Enhanced Throughput Module


Design Features

  • Significantly improves move-and-settle time and contouring performance
  • Increases throughput of existing and new machines
  • Greatly reduces undesirable effects of frame motion on the servo system
  • Compatible with all current Aerotech controllers

Aerotech's Enhanced Throughput Module (ETM) improves the positioning performance of high-dynamic motion systems by directly measuring the unwanted motion of the machine base and communicating it back to the controller. By working in concert with the Dynamic Controls Toolbox and the Aerotech controllers, they allow the servo system to do a superior job of executing the desired motion path.

Unwanted base motion typically occurs because the force applied to accelerate the stage reacts against the machine frame. The machine frame responds with an oscillation that can extend over hundreds of milliseconds (Figure 1, above). Fine positioning or high-dynamic motion requires that the controller wait for this oscillation to subside before continuing with the process. This forces the controller to wait or causes inaccurate motion, either of which reduces productivity. The most appropriate solution is an optimized frame and machine-base design, but in many cases this is either not practical or is prohibitively expensive.

The Aerotech ETM provides a low-cost solution for improving the productivity of new and existing equipment with easy installation and no changes to existing mechanical hardware. Figure 2 shows a point-to-point move. As can be seen from the plot, the ETM and Dynamic Controls Toolbox are able to reduce settling time by 21%. Figure 3 shows integration on a Hermesys™ system and Figure 4 shows integration on the AGS15000. Contact an Aerotech Application Engineer to find out how ETM can make your machine more productive.