Gantry Control


Design Features

  • EasyTune for gantries
  • Quick setup and homing routines
  • Gantries commanded as if a single axis
  • Orthogonality correction
  • 2D Calibration

Aerotech - The Gantry Company

Aerotech's wide array of standard gantry products are well known in the precision motion industry. Also well known is Aerotech's ability to build custom gantries and to control gantries. In short - Aerotech is The Gantry Company. By offering both the controls and the mechanics, we truly offer Powerful Technology, Simply Integrated.

Focus on Your Process

Aerotech's A3200 software-based motion controller has several features that make controlling gantries simple, allowing you to focus on your process integration. One of these tools is EasyTune, which supports position-mode gantries. This single-button tuning tool applies professional motor tuning to your gantry in only a few minutes. Gantry axes are treated as a single axis in Aerotech's AeroBasic programming language and our API interface. This controller implementation makes commanding motion to gantries simple and intuitive - just the way you want it. Programs that were developed to work on XY stage stages are quickly ported over to gantry systems.

For added simplicity, order your complete mechatronic solution from Aerotech, complete with system checkout - and then focus on integrating your process!

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Figure 1: Aerotech's AGS15000 gantry