MXH Series High Resolution Encoder Signal Multipliers


Design Features

  • Multiplication to x2000
  • High-speed 32 MHz output clock rate
  • Compact, with standard D-type connectors
  • Compatible with linear and rotary encoders with amplified sine-wave output
  • Custom multiplication factors available

Aerotech's MXH series multipliers are the ideal solution for high-resolution system requirements. The MXH series utilizes high-performance interpolation electronics to increase resolution by up to x2000.

The MXH model offers multiplication factors up to x2000. A linear encoder with a 4 µm grating period can have resolution as fine as 2 nm.

Unlike most multiplication devices, the MXH doesn't sacrifice speed. A 32 MHz clock assures high speed and high resolution. For example, with a resolution as fine as 8 nm, speeds of over 250 mm/s are achievable.

Aerotech's Dedication to the Science of Motion is reflected in some of the unique features of the MXH series. Not only does the MXH boast industry-leading data rates, but for atypical resolution requirements, Aerotech can create custom multiplication factors. This level of flexibility is unmatched by the competition and is a result of our years of experience in the high-accuracy positioning market.

The MXH interface utilizes standard 25-pin D-type connectors, eliminating the need for expensive and hard to find connectors. Limit switch and Hall-effect signals pass through the MXH, resulting in a more efficient cabling scheme.


MXH Series Specifications

Interpolation (after quadrature) x200 x400 x800 x1000 x2000
Clock Frequency 32 MHz
Maximum Input Frequency 160 kHz 80 kHz 40 kHz 32 kHz 16 kHz
Minimum Edge Separation 0.03125 µs
Minimum Pulse Width 0.03125 µs
Input Signal 1Vpp
Output Signal Square wave, RS422, TTLcompatible
Power Supply 5 V ±5%
Power Consumption
(without encoder; typical)
320 mA


Ordering Information

Ordering Example

MXH 250 D 32M

Ordering Options

Multiplier SeriesMultiplierInput SignalOutput Frequency
MXH 50, 100, 200, 250, 500, n D 2M, 4M, 8M, 16M, 32M

MXH Series Multiplier

MXH50 External 50-times (net 200-times interpolation with quadrature) multiplier
MXH100 External 100-times (net 400-times interpolation with quadrature) multiplier
MXH200 External 200-times (net 800-times interpolation with quadrature) multiplier
MXH250 External 250-times (net 1000-times interpolation with quadrature) multiplier
MXH500 External 500-times (net 2000-times interpolation with quadrature) multiplier
MXHn-D External "n"-times custom resolution. Consult factory

Input Signal

D 1 Vpp input signal

Output Data Rate

2M 2 MHz output signal
4M 4 MHz output signal
8M 8 MHz output signal
16M 16 MHz output signal
32M 32 MHz output signal

Note: MXH multipliers are available in -A and -B versions as factory supplied configurations. Multiplication selections are possible in 0.25 increments up to MXH256, which multiplies into an integer after x4 (i.e. 0.25 or 0.5, 1.25, 33, etc. Unacceptable values are 1.7, 2.4, etc.). From MXH256 to MXH512, multiplication selections are possible in x1.0 increments.