MXH Series High Resolution Encoder Signal Multipliers


Design Features

  • Multiplication to x2000
  • High-speed 32 MHz output clock rate
  • Compact, with standard D-type connectors
  • Compatible with linear and rotary encoders with amplified sine-wave output
  • Custom multiplication factors available

Aerotech's MXH series multipliers are the ideal solution for high-resolution system requirements. The MXH series utilizes high-performance interpolation electronics to increase resolution by up to x2000.

The MXH model offers multiplication factors up to x2000. A linear encoder with a 4 µm grating period can have resolution as fine as 2 nm.

Unlike most multiplication devices, the MXH doesn't sacrifice speed. A 32 MHz clock assures high speed and high resolution. For example, with a resolution as fine as 8 nm, speeds of over 250 mm/s are achievable.

Aerotech's Dedication to the Science of Motion is reflected in some of the unique features of the MXH series. Not only does the MXH boast industry-leading data rates, but for atypical resolution requirements, Aerotech can create custom multiplication factors. This level of flexibility is unmatched by the competition and is a result of our years of experience in the high-accuracy positioning market.

The MXH interface utilizes standard 25-pin D-type connectors, eliminating the need for expensive and hard to find connectors. Limit switch and Hall-effect signals pass through the MXH, resulting in a more efficient cabling scheme.