A3200 Motion Composer Suite


Design Features

  • Easy to use with extensive diagnostic tools, digital scope and status utility
  • Shortens development time and includes multiple languages for development
  • Flexibility – use with any Aerotech controller: Automation 3200, Ensemble or Soloist

Aerotech's Motion Composer Suite focuses on ease of use for the programmer, shortens development times compared with other tools and provides the flexibility to use the tools or controller most familiar to programmers. A complete Integrated Development Environment and a comprehensive .NET motion library provide classes for motion, I/O, status and diagnostic information. Program in Visual Studio and use the .NET library, or use the Motion Composer (IDE) to develop code with English-style commands or G code. A LabVIEW® VI library is available for NI users, while a complete C library is available for those using VB6, C++ or C.

Motion Composer Suite

The Motion Composer Suite for the A3200 Software Based Motion Controller includes the following software:

Optional modules include:

Engineering Tools Available for Download Include:

The Motion Composer Suite includes access to key controller capabilities such as: