A3200 Status Utility


The Status Utility is a machine optimization tool that displays the status of up to 32 axes, all controller tasks, and several critical controller status details.

Axis Information
  • Axis status information, such as homing and enabled controller features.
  • Axis I/O information, including hardware limits, Hall effect sensors, and encoder feedback signals.
  • Diagnostic and status information for each connected Aerotech drive.
  • Detailed information and status concerning each connected Aerotech drive.
  • Current axis fault status.

Addtional Information
  • Status information about each task.
  • Controller information, including performance and internal counters.
  • Data collection status.

Customizable Interface
  • Choose which axes to display and which tasks to display.
  • Keep your status viewable by choosing the "Keep Window On Top" option.

Export Customized Data
  • Choose which data you want to export: axes, tasks, and/or other.
  • Export data directly to an html file.

The Status Utility is a powerful and diverse setup and testing tool. Please CONTACT US to learn more.