Soloist Motion Designer


Design Features

  • Importing an existing trajectory consisting of position, velocity and/or acceleration state vectors from an external file
  • Plotting trajectories and using analysis tools such as cursors and frequency domain estimation
  • Creating and modifying trajectories using predefined building blocks
  • Running a trajectory and plotting collected data
  • Overlapping multiple runs of a trajectory
  • Creating and exporting an AeroBasic program from an existing trajectory
  • Reducing position error between runs by using learning algorithms
  • Creating and running multi-axis trajectories

Motion Designer is used to graphically generate and edit motion profiles that execute on the controller, providing the ability to import, run, and evaluate motion profiles (trajectories). Motion Designer complements the Digital Scope tuning and data analysis application.

Learning Control

Learning Control can be applied to the trajectory in Motion Designer to minimize the position error based on successive runs of the same move.

See our video below for a tutorial on how to quickly get your motion system up and running.