ALS2200 Mechanical-Bearing Direct-Drive Linear Stage


Design Features

  • Fully enclosed design
  • Exceptionally smooth and cog-free motion
  • Powerful linear brushless servomotor
  • High accuracy
  • Outstanding straightness/flatness

By combining a powerful linear motor drive with high-accuracy crossed-roller bearings and a fully sealed system, the ALS2200 is a production-grade stage with exceptional performance.

Superior Construction

Designed for applications requiring exceptional smoothness of travel, the ALS2200 utilizes precision crossed-roller bearings. Since there are no recirculating elements, vibration throughout travel is minimized resulting in outstanding velocity stability. Machined from a stress-relieved special aluminum-alloy extruded base, the ALS2200 has excellent stiffness and long-term stability.

Linear Motor Drive

The ALS2200 utilizes an ironless core so it is a cog-free design. The lack of cogging enables extremely tight velocity control, as well as superior contour motion profiles. As with all of Aerotech’s ALS series stages, there is zero backlash, no windup, zero friction and outstanding system responsiveness.

Outstanding Resolution

Many applications require outstanding step-to-step resolution. The ALS2200 meets this demand with a resolution of 3 nm when coupled with Aerotech control products. The direct-drive linear motor allows the ALS2200 to make precise, small resolution steps that are particularly important in alignment applications where step accuracy is critical.

Enclosed Design

To protect the stage from debris and particulates, the ALS2200 incorporates a full-length metal waycover and advanced sealing system. Tensioned side straps are used in lieu of bellows which are difficult to keep clean and increase the overall stage profile. The straps are in a vertical orientation that prevents debris from accumulating and the straps are under constant tension to create a tight seal.

Convenient Assembly

The tabletop of the ALS2200 is treated with a protective, scratch-resistant, Teflon®-impregnated hardcoat (Rockwell 62 hardness). All of the tabletop mounting holes utilize stainless-steel Helicoil® inserts to protect against thread wear. The base mounting holes are located outboard of the stage, which allows the stage to be mounted without removing the hardcover.

The ALS2200 utilizes a moving magnet design in the linear-motor drive mechanism. As a result, there are no moving cables and therefore no cable management system, simplifying system interconnection.



Mechanical Specifications

Travel 100 mm 150 mm
Accuracy(1) Standard ±4.0 µm ±6.0 µm
Calibrated ±0.75 µm
Resolution 3 nm
Repeatability(1) (Bidirectional) ±0.2 µm
Repeatability(1) (Unidirectional) ±0.1 µm
Straightness(1) ±1.5 µm ±2.0 µm
Flatness(1) ±1.5 µm ±2.0 µm
Pitch 10 arc sec 14 arc sec
Roll 10 arc sec 14 arc sec
Yaw 8 arc sec 10 arc sec
Maximum Speed 500 mm/s
Maximum Acceleration 1 g
Maximum Force (Continuous) 32.4 N
Load Capacity(2) Horizontal 30 kg
Side 30 kg
Moving Mass 6.4 kg 7.4 kg
Stage Mass 14 kg 16 kg
Material Aluminum
MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) 20,000 Hours
  1. Certified with each stage.
  2. Axis orientation for on-axis loading is listed.
  3. Specifications are for single-axis systems measured 25 mm above the tabletop. Performance of multi-axis systems is payload and workpoint dependent. Consult factory for multi-axis or non-standard applications.

Electrical Specifications

Drive System Brushless Linear Servomotor
Feedback Noncontact Linear Encoder
Maximum Bus Voltage 340 VDC
Limit Switches 5 V, Normally Closed/Normally Open
Home Switch Near Center

Recommended Controller

Multi-Axis A3200 Ndrive MP/Ndrive CP/Ndrive HPe/Ndrive HLe

Ensemble MP/Ensemble CP/Ensemble HPe/Ensemble HLe

Single Axis Soloist Soloist MP/Soloist CP/Soloist HPe/Soloist HLe


Ordering Information

Travel (Required)

-100 mm
-150 mm

Limits (Required)

-LI1 Normally-closed, 5V end-of-travel limit switches
-LI2 Normally-open, 5V end-of-travel limit switches

Metrology (Required)

-PL1 Metrology, uncalibrated with performance plots
-PL2 Metrology, calibrated (HALAR) wtih performance plots

Integration (Required)

Aerotech offers both standard and custom integration services to help you get your system fully operational as quickly as possible. The following standard integration options are available for this system. Please consult Aerotech if you are unsure what level of integration is required, or if you desire custom integration support with your system.

-TAS Integration - Test as system
Testing, integration, and documentation of a group of components as a complete system that will be used together (ex: drive, controller, and stage). This includes parameter file generation, system tuning, and documentation of the system configuration.
-TAC Integration - Test as components
Testing and integration of individual items as discrete components that ship together. This is typically used for spare parts, replacement parts, or items that will not be used together. These components may or may not be part of a larger system.