AHTR Mechanical-Bearing, Direct-Drive, High-Torque Rotary Stage


Design Features

  • High-torque output - 600 N·m peak, 143 N·m continuous
  • Rotational accuracy to ±9.7 μrad (±2 arc sec)
  • Ideal for large payload motion simulation applications
  • Payloads to 475 kg
  • Variety of tabletop, encoder, and travel options

Aerotech’s AHTR direct-drive rotary stages feature a precision mechanical design coupled with a direct-drive, high-torque rotary motor. The AHTR excels in applications where high-torque, high-acceleration, and accurate rotary positioning are essential.

High-Torque Brushless Motor

Rapid acceleration and high torque are key features of the AHTR stage. Users can command rapid incremental or continuous rotary motion with the high-torque, direct-drive, brushless motor. With the direct-drive motor and precision structural design, the AHTR enables high-bandwidth motion for contouring or point-to-point positioning. It is the ideal rotary stage for motion simulation, laser steering applications, electro-optic sensor testing, resolver or optical encoder accuracy testing, antenna testing, and inertial navigation device testing where high-payloads are required.

To maximize stage lifetime, the AHTR series uses brushless motors. This motor design has the advantage of low-maintenance coupled with high acceleration and accurate positioning performance.

High Payload Capacity and Large Moment-Load Stiffness

The AHTR is designed with a large payload capacity and high moment stiffness to handle a variety of applications and unique payload mounting arrangements. Payloads up to 475 kg and moment loads up to 1600 N·m can easily be handled by the large angular contact bearings and structural design of this rotary stage.

Flexible Design Options

The AHTR is available with a variety of options and configurations. Incremental or absolute optical encoders are available as well as a variety of tabletop mounting configurations and limited travel designs.


AHTR Specifications

Mechanical SpecificationsAHTR400
Travel Continuous (limited travel optional)
Accuracy(1) Standard ±97 μrad (±20 arc sec)
HALAR ±9.7 μrad (±2 arc sec)
Bidirectional Repeatability(1) ±2.4 μrad (±0.5 arc sec)
Tilt Error Motion 14.6 μrad (3 arc sec)
Maximum Speed(2) 300 rpm
Maximum Acceleration (Unloaded)(2) 500 rad/s2
Maximum Torque (Continuous) 143 N·m
Load Capacity Axial 475 kg
Radial 475 kg
Moment 1600 N·m
Stage Mass 90 kg
  1. Certified with every stage.
  2. Requires the selection of an appropriate amplifier with sufficient voltage and current

Electrical SpecificationsAHTR400
Drive System Direct-drive torque motor
143 N·m continuous torque, 600 N·m peak torque
Feedback Noncontact
Incremental and absolute options
Maximum Bus Voltage 320 VDC


Recommended ControllerAHTR400
A3200 Ndrive HPe/Ndrive CP/Ndrive HLe/Npaq
Ensemble Ensemble HPe/Ensemble CP/Ensemble HLe


    Ordering Information

    The AHTR is available with the following options:

    • Incremental or absolute encoders
    • English, metric, custom tabletops
    • Limited or continuous travel

    Please contact an Aerotech Applications Engineer to discuss your requirements.