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A3200 Motion Composer Suite

This product is not recommended for new designs. Instead, please see the Automation1 Motion Development Kit for all new designs. Part of the A3200 machine and multi-axis motion control platform, the Motion Composer Suite enables your team to deploy complex automation solutions with ease.

Quickly set up drives, motors and stages with the configuration manager – one of several tools designed to make your team fast and effective. With integrated tools for configuring an EtherCAT, PROFINET or Modbus fieldbus network, setting up process automation is also quick and easy.

The suite includes the A3200 configuration manager, Motion Composer IDE, Digital Scope and Status Utility applications.

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Key Features

Real-Time Applications

Develop and Test Real-Time Applications

With Motion Composer, you can develop, debug and deploy real-time application code to the controller. Connect to a “virtual controller” and simulate your application in a virtual mode, so you can prove-out complex processes. Not working at the real-time level or prefer a standard programming language? Access the controller via .NET, C and C++ libraries; a REST API; a MATLAB library; and LabVIEW VIs.

Getting Results

Getting Results

Motion Composer can optimize your application for any level of precision. It works with point-to-point, contoured and holding position motion types. Run your motion program on the controller while the digital scope collects position, velocity and acceleration data signals. See the results plotted in multidimensional views and rely on Fourier transforms to identify any troublesome frequency content.

Drive Configuration

Single-Button Drive Configuration

Our HyperWire® fiber-optic communication bus – which has 20 times the bandwidth of 100BASE-T Ethernet buses – makes it simple to configure drives. Just connect the drives, power them on and let the drive configuration tool automatically assign communication channels.

Support at Every Stage

Support at Every Stage

During your development process and throughout your machine’s lifecycle, our team is ready to support your needs. Our field sales and application teams become an extension of your design team, even as you are still considering solution options for your system. Leverage our expertise as a design partner or bring us on for a simple consultation.

Find Your Platform & PC

Find Your Platform & PC

Not sure which platform or PC will best fit your needs? Quickly compare your control platform options with the comprehensive Motion Control Platform Selection Guide. Find the PC option that best suits your needs.

Use the configuration manager for all devices in your automation solution. Set up and manage parameters, program automation files and fieldbus configurations.

Access features like program flow control, galvo commands that integrate laser control with galvo scan-head motion, a TCP/ IP communication library, math functions, I/O commands, file and serial port communication commands and more.

Optimize motor setup and servo performance with the Digital Scope’s optimization tools. Ensure your motor is phased and commutating correctly and the encoder is optimized for performance. Evaluate the servo loop and use loop shaping tools to maximize performance.

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