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A3200 Software-Based Machine Controller

This product is not recommended for new designs. Instead, please see the Automation1 Software-Based Machine Controller  for all new designs. Part of the Automation 3200 motion control platform, the A3200 Software-Based Machine Controller (SMC) is ideal for both high-precision industrial and research systems.

The A3200 SMC’s software includes a development environment for creating, compiling and loading programs onto the controller. User-friendly tools include Infinite Field of View (IFOV) coordination for galvo scan head and servo stage axes, Position Synchronized Output (PSO) distance-based process triggering and more.

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Multi-Axis Trajectories

Powerful Multi-Axis Trajectories

Coordinate up to 32 axes of motion and never sacrifice performance. The A3200 SMC can connect to 32 axes of servo motor-, stepper motor-, voice coil-, galvanometer- or piezo actuator-driven motion without decreasing trajectory rates or motion performance. A distributed control architecture enables the A3200 network drives to close the position, velocity and current loops, allowing the A3200 SMC to focus on higher synchronization and data rates.

Control Any Device

Control Any Type of Device

The A3200 SMC can communicate with any type of motion control device over our FireWire® or HyperWire® fiber-optic buses. Multi-axis, synchronized and coordinated motion is possible between all servo motor-, stepper motor-, voice coil-, galvanometer- and piezo actuator-driven devices over either motion bus option.

User-Friendly Software

User-Friendly Engineering Software

Connect the SMC to our A3200 Motion Composer Suite, a feature-rich engineering software package, to access user-friendly tools and set up the drive’s control loops and controller-specific parameters. Quickly develop real-time application code – from building and debugging to loading and running – in the Motion Composer IDE.

Programming Languages

Program the Way You Want

Choose from a variety of A3200 hardware and programming language options for your automation solution. Develop applications within our Motion Composer Suite using AeroBasic language or choose from several programming libraries. You have access to the same controller libraries on which the A3200 Motion Composer Suite was built, so you’ll always have the right tools for generating custom machine interfaces or accessing machine data.

Find Your Platform & PC

Find Your Platform & PC

Not sure which platform or PC will best fit your needs? Quickly compare your control platform options with the comprehensive Motion Control Platform Selection Guide. Find the PC option that best suits your needs.

Optimize motor setup and servo performance with the Digital Scope’s optimization tools. Use the advanced digital oscilloscope to evaluate real motor, drive and controller data. Maximize performance with loop shaping tools.

EtherCAT I/O, PROFINET I/O and WAGO I/O are tightly integrated into the A3200 controller. Add a Hilscher PCIe card to configure and map EtherCAT or PROFINET I/O devices with meaningful I/O tag names. Connect WAGO I/O to a PC via a standard Ethernet port.

More than 30 axis status items are available for each controller axis, and 10 task state items are available for each controller task. Collect and analyze these signals via the A3200 Motion Composer Suite and programming APIs.

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