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Soloist Drive-Based Single-Axis Motion Controller

This product is not recommended for new designs. Instead, please see the Automation1 Software-Based Machine Controller and Automation1 drive-based controllers for all new designs. The Soloist does more than simply move a motor. A complete controller operating side-by-side on a motor drive, it brings sensors and feedback devices together with servo motor control applications – eliminating the need for additional hardware.

Robust enough for production environments, the Soloist controller excels in simple testing or research and development applications. Features like velocity and torque mode operation, Position Synchronized Output (PSO), gearing, advanced data collection, and analog and digital I/O control are all integrated with powerful servo control and can be executed at up to 20 kHz.

The Soloist drive-based, single-axis motion controller is part of the Soloist motion control platform.

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Key Features

Easy Setup

Easy Setup

Because the Soloist controller is a drive-based controller – we think of it as a “smart drive” – your design ideas become your automation solutions. Set up your controller, fieldbus support and all drives simultaneously with a single parameter file.

Single-Axis Trajectory

Excellent Single-Axis Trajectory Generation

The Soloist’s advanced trajectory features include point-to-point; target position and target velocity; linear and freerun; digital gearing to a global variable; auxiliary encoder input or analog input; cubic spline curve-fitting; backlash and error compensation; and more.

Programming Libraries

Programming Libraries Extend Functionality

Easily deploy a custom user experience or access data from your drive using standard programming libraries for .NET, C and C++, which are included with the controller. Or, if you’re developing MATLAB or LabVIEW applications, integrate into your native environment with our well-documented libraries.

User-Friendly Software

User-Friendly Engineering Software

Connect to the Soloist controller from the Motion Composer Suite’s user-friendly applications. Easily configure your system using the configuration manager. Build and run real-time application code using the Motion Composer IDE. Optimize performance and visualize data using the Digital Scope.

Find Your Platform

Motion Control Platform Selection Guide

Not sure which platform will best fit your needs? Quickly compare your control platform options with the comprehensive Motion Control Platform Selection Guide. We’re adding new Automation1 features frequently, so check back often to see that platform’s latest capabilities.

Our AeroBasic programming language includes motion commands and homing routines, plus advanced motion features like velocity profiling mode, s-curve acceleration modes, backlash compensation and autofocus.

EasyTune® is the most advanced autotuning tool available. Entirely data-driven, the algorithm mimics the process followed by an experienced controls engineer. In minutes, your system has the highest practical bandwidth.

Soloist drive hardware includes both Ethernet and RS-232 communication ports. The Ethernet supports Class 1, Class 2 and part of Class 3 of the OpenModbus/TCP specifications and a generic Ethernet/IP I/O interface.

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