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Soloist Motion Composer Suite

This product is not recommended for new designs. Instead, please see the Automation1 Motion Development Kit for all new designs. Part of the Soloist single-axis motion control platform, the Motion Composer Suite integrates a user-friendly interface with tools for each aspect of your development process. Deploy real-time application code to a smart, single-axis drive with an integrated controller. This smart drive easily communicates with your larger automation control system.

The suite includes the Soloist Configuration Manager, Motion Composer IDE and Digital Scope applications.

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Key Features

Connect & Go

Connect & Go

Quickly set up a single-axis drive motor or stage with the configuration manager application – one of many integrated tools enabling fast and effective drive, controller and servo configuration. The Soloist smart drives include an integrated controller that can talk over EtherNet/IP, Ethernet TCP/IP, RS-232 and Modbus TCP.

Real-Time Applications

Develop and Test Real-Time Applications

The Soloist Motion Composer suite’s powerful environment allows real-time application code to be developed, debugged and deployed to the smart drive. If you’re not working at the real-time level and prefer a standard programming language, the smart drive can be accessed via .NET, C and C++ libraries; a MATLAB library; and LabVIEW VIs.

Getting Results

Getting Results

Motion Composer can optimize your application for any level of precision. It works with point-to-point, contoured, camming, gearing and holding position motion types. The drive can also be configured to output a specified torque base on an analog input. Run your motion program on the controller while the digital scope collects position, velocity and acceleration data signals. See the results plotted in multidimensional views and rely on Fourier transforms to identify any troublesome frequency content.

Support at Every Stage

Support at Every Stage

During your development process and throughout your machine’s lifecycle, our team is ready to support your needs. Our field sales and application teams become an extension of your design team, even as you are still considering solution options for your system. Leverage our expertise as a design partner or bring us on for a simple consultation.

Find Your Platform

Motion Control Platform Selection Guide

Not sure which platform will best fit your needs? Quickly compare your control platform options with the comprehensive Motion Control Platform Selection Guide. We’re adding new Automation1 features frequently, so check back often to see that platform’s latest capabilities.

Optimize motor setup and servo performance with the Digital Scope’s optimization tools. Use the advanced digital oscilloscope to evaluate real motor, drive and controller data. Maximize performance with loop shaping tools.

EasyTune® is the most advanced autotuning tool available. Entirely data-driven, the algorithm mimics the process followed by an experienced controls engineer. In minutes, your system has the highest practical bandwidth.

Able to combine motion control with process tools and automation, AeroBasic™ is a powerful tool. Access features such as program flow control, data collection tools, RS-232 and Ethernet-based communication, math functions, I/O commands, file and serial port communication commands and more.

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