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Build better systems faster.

Deploy better machine control and motion systems faster with the powerful and intuitive Automation1 control platform.

Develop, control, drive, connect – with power and precision.

Behind each of our industry-leading motion solutions is a powerful control platform that brings both flexibility and familiarity to developers.


With our comprehensive range of standard and advanced controller capabilities, you’ll have the tools you need to achieve outstanding motion. And because one controller platform can coordinate tight synchronization between all motion axes, you’ll see higher precision processing and faster process throughput.

What’s in a motion control platform?

Each of our platforms includes software, a controller, a communication bus and drives -- all designed to work together seamlessly. Our complete platforms make us your “one stop shop” for the most precise, lowest risk motion solutions.

One Controller

One Controller for All Motion

Coordinate up to 32 axes of motion from a single platform.

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Comprehensive Capabilities

From Infinite Field of View to Position Synchronized Output – and everything in between – our advanced features make controlling your motion better and easier.

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Easy to Use

Synchronize easily and implement faster – we’ve eliminated the headache of coordinating special communication protocols or custom software.

Automation1 Platform

The most user-friendly precision motion controller platform available, Automation1 can often reduce set-up time from days to minutes. Automation1 is also the only Aerotech platform utilizing the fiber-optic HyperWire bus, enabling the most accurate and tightly coordinated control of up to 32 axes of motion.


A3200 Platform

The A3200 motion control platform is more powerful than its predecessors and coordinates up to 32 axes of motion. With a PC-based controller, A3200 offers advanced features and capabilities, making it ideal for high-precision, high-throughput processing laser applications.

Ensemble & Soloist Platforms

The Ensemble and Soloist motion control platforms offer a common software development environment and drive-embedded controller. Choose Ensemble to coordinate up to 10 axes of motion or Soloist for single-axis motion.


Motion Control Platform Selection Guide

Not sure which platform will best fit your needs? Quickly compare your control platform options with the comprehensive Motion Control Platform Selection Guide. We’re adding new Automation1 features frequently, so check back often to see that platform’s latest capabilities.

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