A full complement of accessories is available to help you get the most from your Aerotech motion component or system. From air-bearing filtration units to multipliers to joysticks to transformers, make sure you take advantage of the products specifically designed to improve the performance and application of your Aerotech motion component or system.

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  • ETM Enhanced Throughput Module

    Aerotech's ETM modules help improve the positioning performance of high-dynamic motion systems by directly measuring the unwanted motion of the machine base and communicating it back to the…  More >

  • Joystick

    The joystick has an easy plug-in connection. JI Model is sealed for harsh environments. Dedicated function buttons; extension cable available.  More >

  • MPGA32 Pendant

    A3200 multi-axis handhweel pendant provides a user friendly interface for the manual operation and setup of up to 6 axes.  More >

  • Terminal Blocks

    25- and 37-pin terminal blocks for direct access to I/O on A3200 drive products; BB-MP and BB-CP include an isolated PSO output that can interface directly to 5-24 VDC inputs in either a sinking or…  More >

  • Cables

    Quickly interface to Aerotech controllers, drives, motors, and accessories. High-density cables reduce the need for multiple cables. Custom lengths available.   More >

  • MFM Motor Filter Module

    Aerotech's MFM noise filter module is used to reduce conducted line noise generated by PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) switching servo amplifiers.  More >

  • UFM Noise Filter Module

    Aerotech's UFM noise filter module is used to reduce conducted line noise generated by switching servo amplifiers. The UFM is used with any BA Series amplifier to conform to CE noise directives.   More >

  • ABF Air Bearing Filtration Unit

    The air-bearing filtration unit (ABF) is used to clean and condition the compressed air used to supply air-bearing mechanics. It is compatible with both linear and rotary air-bearing stages.  More >

  • TM Series Transformers

    The TM3 transformer module provides and distributes isolated AC and/or DC bus supply voltages for up to four Aerotech controllers. It is configured at the factory to provide 28 VAC, 56 VAC, 115 VAC,…  More >

  • TV Series Transformers

    High-quality isolation and autotransformers are fully compatible with Aerotech's drive systems that require separate transformers. These are conservatively rated, open-frame units with mounting…  More >

11 Results Per Page