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We’ve been moving motion forward since 1970.

For more than 50 years, we’ve been advancing precision motion control and automation for customers and industries around the world.

History w slant

We look to our past to change the future.

From our humble beginnings in a garage, we’ve grown into a global, privately held company that remains small enough to forge strong personal connections with our customers but large enough to overcome their biggest precision motion and automation challenges.

We were founded by engineers, and we remain an engineering-focused company that builds upon our history as a motion pioneer to move our customers to the next level of growth and success.


Years of Experience

Since 1970, we’ve been solving motion control and automation challenges for the most complex applications in the world’s most demanding industries. Our depth and breadth of experience reduces your technical and business risk and total cost of ownership.

Founder Stephen J. Botos using an autocollimator to measure a system's performance, pre-Aerotech.
Founder Stephen J. Botos using an autocollimator to measure a system's performance, pre-Aerotech.
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Full-Service Facilities Globally

Located around the world and with direct representation in more than 15 countries, our precision motion experts support your team from design to delivery to daily production. You’ll get the help you need – when and where you need it.

220,000 sq. ft.

of Production Space

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing and production space around the world includes cleanrooms, applications labs and temperature-controlled metrology labs that are available to not only our team but our customers as well.

Production floor / cleanroom collage


Standard Motion Products

Design & Engineering

Custom Automation

Precision Manufacturing


Implementation & Support

Cleanroom Manufacturing

Vacuum Systems

Standard Motion Products

Path 7

Standard Motion Products

Design & Engineering

Custom Automation

Precision Manufacturing


Implementation & Support

Cleanroom Manufacturing

Vacuum Systems

From drives and controllers to stages and actuators, we have the broadest standard product range in precision motion.

For 50+ years, we’ve solved some of the most complex and challenging motion applications. Using this experience, we developed the industry’s broadest toolbox of standard precision motion products – all designed to integrate together seamlessly. We are a one-stop-shop for all precision automation needs.

Our precision design and engineering expertise lets you meet your process metrics – no matter the industry or application.

We don’t just build your motion system. We also can custom design and engineer the best solution for your specific need, pulling on our collective expertise in precision automation applications across numerous industries. You get to market faster with a solution that’s easy to implement with lower financial and technical risk.

From a customized product to a turnkey automation system, we have the industry-leading expertise to engineer precision into your process.

Customizing our products and creating new motion designs for a specific application are at the heart of our business. We can help as much or as little as you need to be confident that motion and precision will never be limiting factors in your success.

Whether you need help building a one-off system or thousands of a specific motion product, we have the bandwidth and precision.

We produce some of the most precise motion control products on the market because of our ability to achieve precision tolerances and alignments down to the sub-micron level throughout our manufacturing process. While the number of products you need may vary from one to many, the precision of each will not.

You focus on taking your products to the highest level. We’ll focus on measuring them to the smallest.

Within our dedicated 4,000-square-foot metrology lab that’s temperature controlled to +/-0.2 °C, we can perform measurements at your application functional point with standard and custom instruments that are traceable to international standards. For ultraprecision processes, we have cell-specific control to +/-0.03 °C.

We can help you minimize your implementation risk and maximize process performance to hit your deliverables.

Our highly skilled applied technology experts can help you develop and prove a solution before it’s built and deploy it successfully once it is. In addition, our service technicians and support engineers are located around the world to ensure your process performs as designed.

Like our precision, we take our cleanliness to the extreme when manufacturing products for low-particulate applications.

Many motion applications for semiconductor, aerospace, research and precision manufacturing call for extreme cleanliness. We have more than 3,100 square feet of ISO Class 6 cleanroom space with cell-specific areas of ISO Class 5 space to manufacture ultra-clean automation systems.

When it comes to ultra-high vacuum systems, we believe that less is more.

We have extensive experience designing and manufacturing vacuum systems down to 10-9 hPa pressure levels. From material and component selection to vacuum system qualification using a residual gas analyzer and outgassing rate measurements, our experience matters.

Responsible Supply Chain

Our trusted suppliers use robust modern slavery prevention practices and only work with supply chains that have satisfied global guidelines regarding modern slavery.


Aerotech's longtime commitment to research and development has resulted in many patents and awards for our innovative products.


Aerotech's manufacturing operations meet all industry requirements to ensure you receive the highest quality products, services and support.

ISO 9001 Quality Standard

Our products and services have been certified to the ISO 9001 Quality Standard since 1995 (registration certificate).

RoHs & REACH Compliance

All of our produced products comply with the RoHS EU Directive (compliance statement) and the REACH EU Directive (compliance statement).

TÜV SÜD Certifications

Our products exceed the minimum requirements of the German Equipment and Product Safety Act (certificates).

You’ll Find Us Wherever You Are

No matter where in the world you need our products and services, our representatives and experts are nearby to ensure your process performs as designed from start to finish.

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