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Your partner – every step of the way.

From design to proof of concept to post-implementation support, we meet your precision automation challenges in lockstep with you. Service Image

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Design & Engineering

We don’t just build your motion system. We also can custom design and engineer the best solution for your specific need, pulling on our collective expertise in precision automation applications across numerous industries.

What it means to you…

  • A solution that works

  • Shorter time to market

  • Lower business risk

  • Minimal technical risk

  • Easier implementation

  • Process metrics that are met

Design & Engineering Specialists

Matt Maurer

Vice President of Engineered Solutions

“My team thrives on seeing their projects through to completion to solve our customers’ challenging applications.”

Paige Borkey

Systems Engineer

“Whether it’s customizing a standard product or an entire system, we consistently solve difficult problems for our customers.”

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Applied Technologies

We know how to make processes work for even the most challenging and complex motion scenarios. Our highly skilled applied technology experts can help you develop and prove a solution before it’s built and deploy it successfully once it is.

What it means to you…

  • Proof of your concept

  • Implementation support

  • Lower business risk

  • Minimal technical risk

  • No impossible tasks

  • Shorter time to market

Applied Technologies Specialists

Ron Rekowski

Vice President of Applied Technologies

“We share our technical knowledge with customers and educate them on the most effective ways to solve their most complex challenges.”

Jeremy Mathis

Applied Technologies Engineer

“I use my 20-plus years of laser processing and optics experience to demonstrate the real-world performance of our technology.”

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Global Technical Support

No matter where your Aerotech products are used in the world, our service technicians and support engineers are at the ready in Europe, Asia and North America to ensure your process performs as designed from start to finish.

What it means to you…

  • True global support & service

  • Minimal downtime

  • Regional support

  • Timely repair & maintenance

  • Successful system startup

  • In-depth training

Global Technical Support

Jochen Jager

Operations Manager, Global Technical Support, Germany

“In addition to troubleshooting, we answer questions, conduct training and suggest precision motion solutions for new projects.”

Kudzayi Chiwoko

Global Technical Support Manager, Europe

“As a member of the Aerotech service team, our focus goes beyond mere repairs, troubleshooting or customer training – we are dedicated to enriching your experience by delivering added value.”

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Onsite Diagnostics & Optimization

Want peace of mind? Let our trained technicians come to you. Onsite, we’ll measure and error-map (calibrate) your axes, complete preventative maintenance and optimize your motion system’s performance.

What it means to you…

  • Higher efficiency

  • Optimized throughput

  • Fewer interruptions to critical operations

  • Preserved part tolerances

  • Minimal downtime

  • Extended lifetime maximizes your investment

Onsite Diagnostics & Optimization

Gary Kroner headshot

Gary Kroner

Regional Manager, Global Technical Support

“It’s very satisfying repairing mission-critical products and giving our customers peace of mind.”

headshot of Don Hilliard

Don Hilliard

Electromechanical Technician

“I’ve been with Aerotech since 1995, and I take pride in servicing products I previously assembled, aligned or calibrated.”

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