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Custom Engineered Motion Systems

Our custom motion systems are precision engineered to your exact needs.

From a customized product to a complete motion subsystem, Aerotech has the industry-leading expertise to engineer precision into your process.

We deliver motion systems to the world’s most demanding applications and industries.

Customizing our products and creating new motion designs for a specific application are at the heart of our business. With more than 50 years of experience, we’re the leading manufacturer of custom motion systems and equipment across a broad range of applications and industries. Whenever you integrate a customized Aerotech product or subsystem into your larger system, you can be confident that motion and precision will never be limiting factors in your success.

Competitive Advantage (1)
Maintain a Competitive Advantage

Our precision motion systems are engineered to get the most out of your machine and process, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Cost of Ownership (1)
Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Leverage our motion expertise so you can focus on optimizing your process to reduce overall costs and keep your bottom line healthy.

Technical Risk (1)
Minimize Technical Risk

Our unmatched depth and breadth of experience means your motion system runs flawlessly and performs at the highest levels – consistently.

"Aerotech gantries, coupled with the A3200 control system, provide a simple and scalable solution to go from prototyping, early-stage concept to full-fledged production machines with minimal effort. Aerotech's motion expertise in helping us define our own requirements, gantry selection and integration support made the task of sub-micron accuracy motion simple and straightforward."


Aaron C.

Staff Process Engineer, Major Hard Disk Drive Manufacturer

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