Motion Controllers

Aerotech motion controllers are used in our own positioning systems and in motion control and positioning systems throughout the world. The Automation 3200 multi-axis motion controller is software-based (no PC slots required) and marries a robust, high performance motion engine with vision, PLC, robotics and I/O in one unified programming environment. The A3200 utilizes the industry standard FireWire® network to provide from 1 to 32 axes of synchronized control with no degradation in performance as the axis count increases.

The Ensemble® motion controller is Aerotech’s next-generation, multi-axis, stand-alone controller for moderate- to high-performance applications with high-speed communication through 10/100 Base T Ethernet or USB interfaces. The Ensemble™ can control brushless, brush or stepper motors or stages in any combination, and both PWM and linear drives are available. It offers easy to use, affordable multi-axis (1-10 axes) motion programming for laboratory experimentation, production testing or advanced OEM automated manufacturing systems.

Aerotech's Soloist® motion controller is a single-axis, stand-alone servo controller that combines a power supply, amplifier, and position controller in a single package. The Soloist™ can control up to four tasks simultaneously, as well as handle variables and manage I/O, which allow it to be used in demanding production applications. The Soloist™ also has high-speed position latch inputs and advanced data logging capabilities, making it ideal for laboratory and test instrument applications.

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Aerotech Motion Controller Solutions Deliver High Performance with Quick and Easy Setup

Increased Performance Ease of Use Reduced Setup Time
Decrease move and settle time One software environment Setup wizards
Increase contour speeds and accuracy Extensive diagnostics Configurable autotuning tools
Easily remove machine resonance Multiple languages Software oscilloscope

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