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Ordering Info



Design Features

  • Unlocks the full motion control power of our Automation1-iSMC intelligent software-based motion controller
  • Provides sub-nanometer positioning capability
  • Features complete configuration & performance capability of XL2e enhanced linear servo drive
  • Eliminates the PC from your control scheme
  • Allows for up to 12 axes of control when more Automation1 drives are connected over the HyperWire fiber-optic bus
  • Includes safe torque off (STO) functional safety
  • Expands your I/O when an expansion board is added to the iXC4e or other connected drives


The iXL5e is a part of the user-friendly Automation1 motion control platform, which includes the following:

Packed with Features

Standard features for the Automation1 iXL5e include safe torque off (STO), a data array of over 67.1 MB, digital and analog I/O, Position Synchronized Output (PSO), dedicated home and end-of-travel limit inputs and an enhanced current sense device.

Feedback Flexibility

The standard iXL5e accepts square-wave and absolute encoder feedback signals. With the optional encoder multiplier feature, sine-wave encoders can be multiplied by up to 65,536, making iXL5e our highest-resolution position feedback drive. Dual-multiplied and dual-absolute encoder feedback is supported.

Control Your Process

The iXL5e is more than a motion control device. It also includes many process control features. Empowered with Aerotech’s PSO functionality, a single-axis iXL5e can track up to three encoders in real-time to trigger a process tool like an industrial laser or camera.

Each iXL5e can be configured with an optional I/O expansion board, greatly increasing the number of I/O points. The I/O board includes a dedicated PSO output, and PSO can be used with a synchronization input to synchronize process control with an external mode-locked frequency input.

Low Noise Operation

Linear amplifiers are characterized by low noise operation, and the iXL5e is no different. This is because linear amplifiers do not incorporate on-off pulse width modulation (PWM) switching to control motor currents.

Ready To Connect

The HyperWire connection makes it simple to connect the iXL5e with other Automation1 drive hardware in a multi-axis configuration. A 24-volt one amp brake output is included. The device is CE approved, NRTL safety certified and EU 2015/863 RoHS 3 directive certified. The power amplifier bandwidth is software selectable.

Excellent In-Position Performance

Thanks to advanced control techniques and feedback signal processing, the iXL5e can control and hold a linear air bearing stage in a standstill position within 0.8 nm RMS. 

See how Automation1 servo drives improve in-position stability.


Automation1 iXL5e, -EB0 Option

Automation1 iXL5e, -EB1 Option

Ordering Information

Automation1 iXL5e

Option Description
Automation1 iXL5e Automation1 iXL5e High-Performance Linear Servo Motor Drive

Peak Current

Option Description
-10 10 A peak, 5 A cont. current (default)
-20 20 A Peak Current

Bus Voltage

Option Description
-VB4 ± 40 VDC (585 W Power Supply)
-VB5 ± 60 VDC (585 W Power Supply)
-VB6 ± 80 VDC (585 W Power Supply)

Input Line Voltage

Option Description
-VL1 120 VAC Input Line Voltage
-VL2 240 VAC Input Line Voltage
-VL3 100 VAC Input Line Voltage
-VL4 200 VAC Input Line Voltage

Expansion Board

Option Description
-EB0 No Expansion Board (Default)
-EB1 I/O Expansion Board


Option Description
-MX0 No Encoder Multiplier (Default)
-MX1 2 MHz/450 kHz x65536 Multiplier (Primary), No Multiplier (Auxiliary)
-MX2 2 MHz/450 kHz x65536 Multiplier (Primary), 450 KHz x16384

Multiplier (Auxiliary)

Option Description
-PSO1 One-Axis PSO (includes One-Axis Part-Speed PSO) (Default)
-PSO2 Two-Axis PSO (includes Two-Axis Part-Speed PSO)
-PSO3 Three-Axis PSO (includes Three-Axis Part-Speed PSO)
-PSO5 Two-Axis Part-Speed PSO
-PSO6 Three-Axis Part-Speed PSO

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