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Ordering Info



Design Features

  • Unlocks the full motion control power of our Automation1-iSMC intelligent software-based motion controller
  • Features complete configuration & performance capability of the XI4 servo controller
  • Eliminates the PC from your control scheme
  • Enables up to 12 axes of control when more Automation1 drives are connected over the HyperWire fiber-optic bus
  • Includes up to four single connector axis interface connectors
  • Features up to four axes of 20 kHz closed-loop servo control


The iXI4 is a part of the user-friendly Automation1 motion control platform, which includes the following:

Control Your Full Machine

Because the iXI4 can run the Automation1-iSMC motion controller and up to four axes of servo-controlled devices, you can truly control a full machine or system with this single device. Use Automation1’s HyperWire® network to connect more axes of control – even additional XI4 devices. These axes can be coordinated with other axes on the network to deliver contoured motion and a single, simple machine control architecture.

Extend Your I/O

Configure the Automation1-iSMC with the appropriate industrial ethernet options and connect additional third-party devices, completing your control architecture.

Feedback Features

Each axis on the iXI4 includes encoder feedback inputs so you can control axis position very accurately. This input accepts incremental square-wave and absolute (optional) feedback devices.

The dedicated axis feedback signals include encoder feedback (sine +/-, cosine +/- and marker inputs), 2x end of travel (EOT) limit switch inputs and amplifier enable and fault I/O. A dedicated digital I/O port supports eight digital inputs, eight digital outputs (sourcing or sinking), one differential high-speed input and a dedicated high-speed PSO output.

Platform Power

More than just hardware, the iXI4 gives you access to the complete power of the Automation1 motion control platform. This includes the Automation1 motion development kit (MDK), the intelligent software-based controller (iSMC) and the powerful AeroScript™ programming language with integrated RS-274 G and M code support. The Automation1 iSMC can also be programmed by various controller APIs, which provide flexible methods of integrating the iXI4 and the axes it controls into your system architecture.






Ordering Information

Automation1 iXI4

Option Description
Automation1 iXI4Automation1 iXI4 Motion and Servo Controller


Option Description
-2P1Two axes of control, standard packaging
-2P2Two axes of control, OEM packaging
-4P1Four axes of control, standard packaging
-4P2Four axes of control, OEM packaging


Option Description
-MX0No Encoder Multiplier (default)
-MX1x4096 Multiplier (Primary), No Multiplier (Auxiliary)

Absolute Encoder

Option Description
-A0No absolute encoder support (default)
-A1Absolute encoder support


Option Description
-PSO1One-axis PSO (includes one-axis part-speed PSO) (default)
-PSO2Two-axis PSO (includes two-axis part-speed PSO)
-PSO3Three-axis PSO (includes three-axis part-speed PSO)
-PSO6Three-axis part-speed PSO

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